Yea, it is another somewhat random post. At least this time it is all related to bookish things.

  • The Study Guide for EMOTIONAL INTENSITY is officially available as a free download. The guide is designed to be used either by yourself, or as part of a book club. If you are doing a book club, I would love to hear from you…and maybe even Skype with your group!
  • I FINALLY updated my pages on the blog. Check out the My Stuff page for linkage to my interviews and guest posts, as well as reviews of EMOTIONAL INTENSITY. On the My Events page you will find the most current listing of my appearances at conferences, book chats and other fun things.
  • 101 SUCCESS SECRETS FOR GIFTED KIDS, the advice book for kids that is a companion to EMOTIONAL INTENSITY, is available for pre-order through Amazon. I am so excited for this book. In addition to the 101 success secrets scattered throughout the chapters, it has advice from GT kids, offers a parent point of view on growing up gifted and has quizzes and self-reflection questions for kids between 8 and 12. I even “tested” material from the book on a group of 9-11 year olds (and earned a thumbs up!). Once we get closer to the release date (May 1) I will start planning a fun blog and book tour.
  • I am beginning to conduct research for a possible new NF project on bullying and giftedness. Be on the look-out for some ways YOU can make your voice heard on this important and timely topic.
  • I am getting ready to write a new fiction story for NaNo – YA Gothic Romance (in case you didn’t know). I have developed a brief outline and am hoping to jump in as soon as a major project is finished (and yes, my lovely CPs, I AM WORKING ON IT!!!). In fact, this weekend is dedicated to that project – wish me luck!
  • Finally, I hope you will join me on Tuesday, 11/9, for my next Giving Thanks feature. We will be gushing over our agents. If you don’t yet have an agent you can still participate – just throw out some love to the profession as a whole. I hope you’ll join me. I still get all mushy and misty eyed thinking about our past posts on CPs.
  • I almost forgot…I have one more thing! The labor of love from Carrie Jones and Megan Kelley Hall has a cover and is coming to life. Their book, Dear Bully, is an anthology of personal stories against bullying from several well known authors. Check out the cover – gorgeous, isn’t it. Check out the article in PW for more info. And THANK YOU CARRIE AND MEGAN for your great work – as well as the many YA authors that contributed to this important book.

That’s it for me…what do you have going on in your writerly or bookish lives???


11 thoughts on “Bookish Friday Stuff

  1. lots of fun stuff going on, and the bullying anthology looks amazing. And of course, your book on bullying would be incredible 😀

    Now….I’m waiting for some pages missy and if I don’t get them I’m going to be one very unhappy CP……PAGES…..NOW…..GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!


    I’m gonna go over to your FB and bug you there now 😀

    1. Nope – no rest for the weary around here! I will send over 101 soon (or get killed, I think!)….:Now, to actually pull off what I want to do with the YA goth…that is the question?!?!?!

  2. NaNo, NaNo. That’s what I’ve got going on. I’m working on a YA paranormal with angels and demons and catty teenaged girls. Plus, some major revision on some of my PBs, and minor revision on my other ones, and finishing of a few others. And PiBoIdMo. And my mother is visiting from England. So, it’s a busy month!

    Write, girl! Get those pages done.

  3. So much going on your life!! I’m excited for all the good things coming up. And I love that authors are becoming more proactive against bullying. It shouldn’t be tolerated at any age, but at least adults can protect themselves to some degree. Kids are left defenseless. I’m curious about your thoughts on bullying and giftedness as well!

    1. I’m pretty itchy to work on the whole bullying thing…but I HAVE to finish a project I am knee deep in and finish Nano. So yea…two much to do 😀

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