Time for another post in the “Giving Thanks” series. Wanna know more about the series…see my original post here and join in the fun.

This week we are talking about amazing agents and all they do. Be sure to check out these fab writers who are paying tribute as well:

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Okay, on to my GIVING THANKS shout out…

Agents are amazing people, they really are. The work for hours, ready our queries, trudging through our partials and fulls looking for gems they believe they can sell. They take walks of faith regularly, believing in a debut writer, or helping someone established switch into new genres. Most of us writers dream of getting an agent that will share our vision, find the right home for it, and be our best advocate on that project, and for our career.

Fortunately, I have such an agent representing my nonfiction. Krista Goering took a chance on me over a year ago, believing in my little niche project and willing to take it one because she saw merit in it She didn’t shy away because the field of possible publishers was so small (literally – there are three main publishers/imprints for my niche. Only three). Nor did she say no because I was an unknown. Instead she called me!

We talked for a while, planning out not only the book I was querying, but discussing future projects. She impressed me with her questions of me, as well as knowledge of the field I was jumping into.

Within a two months of signing we went on submission and sold Emotional Intensity. Krista stood with me through it all. And now that I am getting ready to publish my second book, an idea that was born from my initial conversation with her, I know how thankful our am for our partnership.

Sadly, while she does represent adult fiction, Krista does not represent YA (which is the type of fiction I write). Nevertheless, she has given both support and advice on developing that part of my career, as well as giving me her blessing in finding an agent. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

To Krista, and ALL AGENTS…

THANK YOU! For the tireless work yu do advocating on our behalf.Navigating through the world of publishing is so much easier with you in our corner.

Now its your turn. Why do you like agents? Do you have someone in particular to thank?

Join me next time when I get weepy while I thank my editor!


17 thoughts on “Giving Thanks To Krista Goering and Agents Everywhere

  1. That’s so great, Christine! You are fortunate to have such an amazing agent. But I know that she’s lucky to have you, too, because you’re an equally amazing person, talented and smart and full of energy. I don’t think she could ask for a better client. Looks to me like you guys make a fab team.

  2. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven! I’ll add my voice to yours and shout out my huge thanks to Jill Corcoran! I am so lucky to be partnered with her. 🙂

    All the best!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

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