Time for another post in the “Giving Thanks” series. Wanna know more about the series…see my original post here and join in the fun.

This week we are talking about everything editors do for this business. Be sure to check out these fab writers who are paying tribute as well:

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Okay, on to my GIVING THANKS shout out…

Editors work tirelessly to help you polish your ms for publication. If you are a new author, they educate you on the process, talk about marketing things and really help you become a career author in many ways.

Along with your agent, your editor is part of Team YOU! 

I have been blessed to work with a great editor on both Emotional Intensity and 101 Success Secrets – Lacy Compton at Prufrock Press. Lacy walked me through the entire editing and publishing process with Emotional Intensity, giving me suggestions for the book that made it so much more than the original idea. She eased my fears when launch day approached, supported the random marketing thoughts I had and truly helped that book launch successfully.

WIth 101 Success Secrets, she championed that book from the beginning, telling me exactly what Prufrock needed in order to make that book a viable option for them. With her help, I was able to reshape that book as well. And now, as I go through the editing process on it, I am so excited to see how it will eventually end up.

Lacy is smart, talented and a true pleasure to work with. Her partnership has made my experiences with this industry something I want to repeat again and again. THANK YOU Lacy, for making Emotional Intensity, more than I thought it could be! I know our experience with 101 will be the same. 


THANK YOU for the endless hours you spend helping our manuscripts be the best they can be. Our dreams become amazing realities because of the work you do. 

Now it’s your turn. What are you thankful for with our editors? Do you have someone in particular to thank?

Join me next time when I thank my writerly buds, who have been on overdrive the last couple of days dealing with me and my rollercoaster of a ride through this biz. 


10 thoughts on “Giving Thanks – The fabulosity that are editors!

  1. It sounds like you have a fabulous relationship with you editor–how wonderful is that?! 🙂 I hope to have an editor of my very own someday. Until then, I am thankful for all of the editors who have given us so many amazing books. Like yours!

  2. i’m about to have my first *official* editor/author relationship. i know i’m more than capable but i hope we get along and have the same vision!! i’m excited for this adventure 🙂
    glad to hear your relationship is so great!

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