Hi guys. I know, shocking that I am posting on a Sunday, but I wanted to tell you all that I’m over at the OPERATION AWESOME blog talking about being a dual genre writer. But not a typical fantasy and sci-fi, or sci-fi and contemporary mix. Nope, I’m a nonfiction and fiction author. We are a rare breed, but kinda cool.

Check out my guest post and see why I LOVE writing both and feel beyond blessed to be able to do so.

 What about you? Do you write in multiple genres?

I’ll be back Monday for a couple of short posts before taking the Holiday weekend off. Have a great Sunday!!!


5 thoughts on “I’m over at Operation Awesome today…

  1. I write in whatever genre–if I get an idea, then I won’t restrict myself to just one sort of genre. I’ve started books in SF, Paranormal, Fantasy, Realistic and Speculative Fiction . . . but I’ve never tried Non-Fiction. It’s impressive you write in both Fiction and Non-Fic, since there are so many differences between the two!

  2. You’re my hero! It’s so great that you’re using your talents in every way possible. I want to write PB thru adult fiction, so seeing someone successfully cross genres always makes me happy and hopeful. You and Michelle will be my lighthouse for my own goals. 🙂 Thanks!

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