Time for another post in the “Giving Thanks” series. Wanna know more about the series…see my original post here and join in the fun.

This week we are talking about the entire writing community. Check out the other amazing peeps participating today:

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Okay, on to my GIVING THANKS shout out…The fabulousity of the writing community.

And what an amazing community it is. Just look at some of the things we accomplished over the past few years…

When there have been crises with our libraries, we pulled together as a group and donated thousands of books.

With the flooding in Nashville, a group of writers organized an auction – a HUGE auction – to help that community.

When acts of bullying started peppering the news at alarming rates, YA authors banded together forming forums, talking with schools and now, writing an anthology in which the proceeds will benefit anti-bullying organizations.

We have WriteOnCon, the product of a group of authors who wanted to make writing conferences more accessible for all writers via an amazing online conference and ongoing chats.

There really is no end to what this community has done for writers, readers, children, and each other.

So to every person connected to this business –


Through my own ups and downs and in and outs, I have never regretted the day I decided to tackle this crazy business. The friends I’ve met and the constant examples of paying it forward are a never-ending source of inspiration.

And, in the spirit of that cooperation, I have a proposal for you. For every comment left, I will donate a book to the local library or kids organization. After all, where would any of us be without literacy??!!!

Who are you thankful for?


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