Happy Monday. With my mom’s passing and the holidays, I have been in a very nostalgic mood of late, remembering so many great times with my mom.

Mom loved Christmas – everything about it. The decorating, buying or making gifts, the music – especially the music. As a result, the Christmas season became incredibly special to me.

In honor of all the memories I have of this special time of year and my mom, I am doing Holiday memory Monday for the next three Mondays. I’d love it if you’d join me.

Today’s memory comes from my childhood, when I was around 6 or so. My mom raised me as a single parent until I was 11. We struggled financially – not that I ever knew it. Mom made everything so incredibly special. The smallest of gift was precious to me and I never felt without.

Each Christmas, my mom and I made ornaments and decorations to adorn the house. My favorites were the salt dough ornaments we put on the tree. I remember kneading the dough, shaping balls into wreaths and other shapes, brushing egg white over the dough and baking them until they were golden brown.

I also remember Mom’s banners. We lived in an old Victorian styled house with tall ceilings in the living room, and exposed wooden beams. Mom made huge felt banners with symbols of the season – a tree, an angel, etc – and hung them from the rafters. People taking their nightly walks would stop and look in through the windows to see the banners and tree. Nothing looked more beautiful to me.

It is a mental picture that I’ll carry with me forever.

What are your favorite Holiday moments?

Next week, I’ll share a musical memory.

Happy Holiday!


12 thoughts on “Holiday Memory Monday

  1. I’ve been feeling decidedly Christmassy this year for the first time since my step-mother passed in 2006. Our last Christmas together was when she was sick, and it’s taken a long time for me to stop associating the two things.

    I don’t have a lot of family near me, but my husband and I have been saying we need to start our own holiday traditions that would make my step-monster proud. I guess this is the year!

  2. What great memories! I remember painting ornaments that we had chosen. They are so much fun to pull out over the years. Putting up the ornaments and remembering where we got them is still my favorite part of the season. 🙂

  3. What sweet memories. With them your mom will live on forever in you. Very precious.

    We also have some salt dough ornaments that were in our family when I was a child. Since I was the first to get married, my mom passed them on to me–especially since my husband and I were so poor and we had nothing to decorate our tree. Now those ornaments have even more memories attached to them.

  4. Aww, Christine, I bet those banners were beautiful, and I’m glad you have such wonderful memories of your mom. Today should’ve been my mom’s birthday. She was born on St. Nicholas Day. Growing up we always placed our shoes by the fireplace and awakened to treats and a small gift from St. Nick. I’m carrying on that tradition with my own children. Christmas was also my mom’s favorite holiday, and it took a number of years–really, once I had my own children–before decorating and celebrating felt right for me. Now I feel like it connects me and my children back to her. My kids look at our tree and see ornaments my mom made, and we talk about Grandma Sherri who’s now an angel. And, because your post rang a bell in my memory, I think I’ll make a few salt dough ornaments with my own kids this year.

  5. Love your memories! I had my mother with me until she was 97! I have great Christmas memories, growing up in the forties and fifties (I’m now a young 70). I came over here from Matthew Rush’s blog to meet you. I’m interested in your writing, so I want to keep in touch.

  6. Oh sweetie–I’m just hearing this now-I’m so sorry!

    Both of my parents have passed on and it does feel very strange. The siblings have decided to carry on some of the traditions (the foods etc.) and then we reminisce.

    many, many *hugs*

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