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This week’s Bookanista love features the following:

Now, on to my Bookanista Shout out – THE WRITER’S GUIDE TO PSYCHOLOGY by Carolyn Kaufman.

I was fortunate enough to host a leg of Carolyn’s blog book tour yesterday. Check out her fab interview and enter a giveaway to win a signed copy of the book.

Now, on to my review:

Release Date: December 1, 2010

 Basic Blurb: (from Amazon)

An accurate and accessible survey of modern psychological theory and practice, this reference offers professional writers practical advice for incorporating psychological elements into their work. With easy-to-understand explanations and definitions, this book is an invaluable resource for any writer wishing to add realistic details to scenes that depict psychologists, mental illnesses and disorders, and psychotherapeutic treatments. Designed around the needs of professional fiction and nonfiction writers, this is an easy-to-use resource that includes historical and modern psychological treatments and terms and refutes popularly held misconceptions.

    I like this cover – it is such a great “brain” – or maybe that’s just my geek-flag showing! 








Why I liked it:

This is an excellent reference guide for all the types of psychology likely to show up in a story. I particularly liked both the samples of where writer’s missed the mark, and the specific information regarding psychiatric hospitals (intake and  few other things). I am a school psychologist, and the material in this book was very familiar to me. But as I work with children exclusively (except in so far as parenting types of things), I found some of the information very helpful should I ever decide to write an adult character with certain mental health profiles.

Ms. Kaufman thoroughly researched the information presented in her book, presenting it in a way that would make sense to most people.


Where to find it:

And be sure to check out yesterday’s post to enter a contest for Carolyn’s fab new book!

So…what are you guys reading right now?


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