Okay, so staying away completely is not possible, I’ve discovered. It isn’t because my mind is thinking about writing or writing related things at the moment. And it isn’t because I am a workaholic and am ridiculously compelled to blog or write or whatever…


The answer is much simpler.

I am addicted to all of you! Your comments, your tweets, just….


I find that I miss little messages in my inbox. Or emails alerting me to a new comment on my blog.

I miss hearing about you and the things going on in your life. News of your books, your writing, you.

And I guess, in light of everything going on with me…I need all of you even more.

So, while I doubt I will manage more than a scattered blog here or there. And I doubt I’ll read many blogs, tweet much or update my fb status…

I have figured out that I can’t disappear completely.

I enjoy connecting with all of you too much.

And I guess that’s something….right?

What about you guys? Could you stay away for a long time?


13 thoughts on “My Addiction…

  1. It is not easy. Often I will sit and think about it, “What was it that I did before this sort of took over my life?” and the answers are slow to come. Recently we took a two week vacation and I was kind of proud of myself … I only checked the net, my mail, all of this, two times.

    Maybe I am getting better.


  2. I’ve tried before, too, and I’m just like you – I’m addicted! And I miss reading my friend’s posts if I disappear completely. There have been times (especially the past few months on so many tight deadlines and with a new baby in the house) that I’m only skimming. I haven’t been able to post many comments, but I’m usually *around*. I just *have* to see what everyone’s talking about and what the news is!

  3. I’ve *said* I’m taking a break before, but I always end up lurking which leads to commenting which leads to coming back full time. I’ve just given in to the addiction. Somedays I hit more blogs than others, but there is no escape anymore.

  4. LOL, I think this is precisely why I haven’t taken a break from blogging, haha!

    Seriously, though, I enjoy feeling connected to the writer community and my connectedness comes from social media & blogs.


  5. I love hearing other people’s news and I love staying in contact with people who I have so much in common with in terms of specific interests like writing, working with kids, etc…most of all I love the contact because it’s part of being a human; we are social being, even someone like me who spends a lot of time alone. 🙂

  6. ha! i don’t sign up to stay away because, well, i would fail terribly. with that in mind, i usually just sign up to go on a bloggy hiatus while i check in with everyone twitter, or i just say i may be not quite as active. those things i can commit to way better than going completely off the grid. like you, i enjoy the company of all my online buddies. it’s nice to know there’s always someone around 🙂

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