Grief is an interesting thing. It permeates your cells like a virus, stealing your voice, your breath, your heart. It has the power to blindside you, knock you to your knees and drown you in a sea of pain that fills your lungs and robs you of your senses.

But behind the grief is something else entirely.

A glimmer of hope, so faint that you’re certain it isn’t really there at all. You reach for it, clinging to the need for it to be real, only to find it impossible to grasp. It is as elusive as smoke.

Behind the kernel of hope is something else.

A promise.

Better days are coming. You will awaken from the grief a changed person – a better person. You will evolve, grow, and emerge whole.

Like the caterpillar that mourns the end of its days, you too will mourn, wall yourself off from the world, hide. Until one day, without warning, you are ready to emerge transformed. And take your first flight.

May we all embrace the courage necessary to work through the grief, take hold of hope and embrace the promise of better times.

Have the happiest of holidays and a blessed New Year!


9 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. The loss of my Childhood led me to the same marasm. A painful grief and a desperate try to catch Hope.

    May you find peace, Christine.

  2. Yes. Thank you, Christine! Grief is a hard convalescence. The heart, like the body, has to heal itself according to its own schedule. There’s no doctor for it, just good nursing.

  3. Christine,
    I am sorry that you have been touched by grief in a way that brought this beautiful post forth. I was surprised to read this today, the anniversary of my oldest daughter’s death 11 years ago. I hope your heart finds healing in the little things that do come with hope and light. Merry Christmas to you.

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