What a year 2010 has been – a brilliant lessons in extreme in every aspect of my life. It seems only fitting that I share a little of the year that will absolutely define me in so many ways.

New Years 2010 started off quietly – just me, my husband and the girls hanging out together. Nothing about 2010 remained quiet.

From the highs of selling my second book, launching my first book and having three – that is right, THREE – reprintings of Emotional Intensity to the lows of shelving my YA novel, having my fiction muse decide to run away, and serious thoughts of quitting writing all together, the year was a rollercoaster with regards to my writing life. There were times – many times – I wondered why I was writing at all. Thankfully all of you reminded me on more than one occasion why the writing was important.

My personal life wasn’t any calmer. Financial worries as my school district got hit hard with the California budget crisis, health concerns that left me out of work and flat on my back for a few months, heartache with friends that filled my heart and my eyes with tears as I tried to discern the relationships that were important to me, and finally, losing my mom – I think I hit all of the major life stressors this year. It’s no wonder that I end the year feeling exhausted in ways too difficult to put into words.

Through it all, I struggled – badly, I might add – to find my balance. And no, I never quite found it.

But I did find something else.

Peace. And an understanding, of sorts.

I learned new things about myself. Good things. And some things I know I need to change. I learned about my family, and found friends I never realized I had.

Going into 2011, I have a sense of purpose and direction that is decidedly different from the previous years – it is a feeling that I believe only comes from years such as this one. 

As I end this year, I want to thank my friends and family members that have helped me remember to breathe this year. Your love and guidance taught me to enjoy the rollercoaster that has defined my life – you all reminded me that I could embrace the thrill of each plummet, catch my breath on every rise, and look for the amazing views I would only catch if I dared to open my eyes. 

I wonder what 2011 will bring?

How was your 2010?


8 thoughts on “2010 – A lesson in extremes

  1. Beautiful post Christine !

    2010 began with being sued by my psych !
    A few month before, she punished me and finally ejected me out of therapy.
    The most part of the year was spent to work out 2 years of desastrous therapy that nearly killed me. Beside

  2. Beside this, I’ve struggling with all the difficulties a newly discovered gifted can live.
    Boring job, loneliness, I’m still struggling with inner aspects of myself.
    I finally broke with my family and searched for friends I did not find.
    I’ve discovered very kind people and they don’t know how their kind words were helpful to me.
    You are one of them, Christine. Thank you.

  3. You’ve weathered the storms well. 2010 was a pretty good year for me. Ups and downs but nothing too extreme. I’m looking forward to a fabulous 2011. *crosses fingers and hopes that it will be*

  4. What an intense year 2010 has been for you! So much gained, but so much lost. I don’t know that I’d ever be able to regain the same sort of equilibrium I’d had before if I lost my mom. But it seems to me that you have found a new state of being, some new ground to stand on. It heartens me to know you’ve found some peace in this. That has been my greatest wish for you. I pray that 2011 feels like a year of wonder and discovery for you, a year filled with joy and precious moments.

    I hope I also get to see you again!!

  5. I’m happy for your highs, and sorry for your lows. We’re all in search of balance, I think…it’s neverending.

    2010 was a productive year for me. I hope to continue that ride, though I know as I type the final period in this sentence, someone out there probably has other plans for me 😉

    All the best to you in 2011!

  6. Finding peace is a very significant thing, so I’m happy for you. 2010 was a challenging year for me, too…. Here’s to continued peace and new-found joys in 2011!

  7. I’m so sorry, Christine, for the hard parts. I lost my dad, too, this year, and I can commiserate with your mom’s passing most.

    But I’m thrilled over your highs, you had so much to celebrate! I had writerly successes, as well, on a lesser scale, and am shooting for more in the next twelve months.

    To a wonderful 2011!

  8. The extremes of life are remarkable, aren’t they? Bravo to you for being such a trooper–congrats to your successes and hugs for your losses.

    BTW: I hope your fiction muse returns, cuz you’re a super talented writer!!!!!!

    (I’m around the webz if ya wanna e-mail or chat!) 😀

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