Happy New Year Everyone!

Like most of you, I spent the last couple of days in 2010 looking over 2010 and thinking about the things I’d like to accomplish in 2011. After making a list of my achievements and pitfalls from the past year, I realized that the good of 2010 far outweighed the bad or the difficult (despite the hard end to the year).

With that fresh point of view, I wrote my goals and will share a taste of them tomorrow (including some great pay-it forward ideas I got from other bloggers this past week).

I then tried something new…I made a list of the things I really needed to let go of from 2010 – past hurts, things I want to change, habits that aren’t working for me, etc.

Making the list was an eye opener all by itself. But, I did more – a symbolic jester of letting it go. I read the list out loud and burned it, watching as the smoke carried away so many things I have resisted detaching from all year. It was a pretty profound experience.

I tell you all of this to share something I learned – it is really hard to move forward when you have chained yourself to the past.

So, if you haven’t taken a moment to release the stuff you need to in order to achieve your dreams this new year, why not go for it. I know I feel freer already!

What kinds of things do you do to start off a new year???


6 thoughts on “Starting a New Year

  1. “I tell you all of this to share something I learned – it is really hard to move forward when you have chained yourself to the past” : SO TRUE !

    My wish…no my goal for 2011 : break that chain linked to the hurting past and create the best present for a happy future

  2. I didn’t do anything the way I normally do it this NY Eve. I really like your list of accomplishments and pitfalls ~ I think that introspection is what’s been missing from my start. I’ve made a few resolutions, but feel just a tad disconnected. I think today I’m going to make that list and see what I discover.

  3. What an excellent idea. Making a list and burning it, letting it all go. Makes for a fresh start. Look forward to hearing your ideas. Happy New year and may it be blessed with happiness.

  4. Love this. Am working on letting go myself. So vital. Developing strategies so that I can say good-bye to being too stretched, racing from one thing to the next without breathing. always feeling behind, etc. Here’s to finding that one or two projects and endeavors in 2011 that will receive my utmost attention, along with my girls and husband; I’ll be clearing out the rest. Thank you for the perspective Christine. You are an inspiration to so many!!

  5. Whether I do it on purpose or not, I take a deep breath in the New Year and see everything a little differently. It gives me the energy to tackle the staler things in the past year I couldn’t deal with.

  6. Professionally, I took a lot of big steps in 2010. I found my niche. I found many new friends. And I found my passion.
    2011 will see the fulfillment of many lifelong dreams! How’s that for positive thinking? There are times in one’s life when you just ‘feel it in your bones’ and this is one of those time. So many fantastic things are happening in gifted advocacy; so many connections being made. We have the power to ‘rock the establishment’ like never before!
    It’s going to be a good year. Just sayin’ … 😀

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