Yep! I’m resurrecting Fiction Friday as a way to sharpen my writing skills, do my daily writing practice (yes, I started doing daily writing exercises again) and stretch those creative writing muscles past whatever project(s) I am currently working on.

Beginning next Friday, I will be posting my fiction excerpts, using the [Fiction Friday] prompts from the Write Anything site. Now, I will NOT be doing this every Friday…but I am shooting for twice a month. Check out the Write Anything site for upcoming topics.

Some of you may be wondering what type of writing exercises I do, and why on earth I do them at all – especially considering that I barely find the time to write as it is!

Well, I use writing exercises as a way to explore the emotional arc of my characters – something beyond a simple character sheet. For example, in the last few weeks I’ve been looking at emotions with the help of Ien Nivens, and his Pipeline writing prompts. These prompts are really designed to unclog your muse and focus on continuous writing for a specified amount of time. NO EDITING allowed.

For me, I use the prompt as a way to shift into my character and view the world through his or her eyes, exploring some of his inner-most fears, wants, needs, and desires.

And it has been great. I feel like I know the mc for my current project with a type of intimacy I typically don’t feel until I do revisions.

My writing exercises serve another purpose for me as well…they keep me writing and tame my internal editor. I spent a long time angsting about writing last year. This year I am replacing the angst with …ummm…..WRITING. And you know what??? It is beyond freeing! In fact, the ideas are coming in such a rush – ideas for additional fiction and nonfiction projects, that it’s almost overwhelming.

So, if you are feeling stuck, frustrated, foggy on some of those writerly skills, take the time to hone your skills a bit and rediscover why you love writing to begin with. Try doing Fiction Friday with me, or some other writing exercises. And definitely let me know if you do. I’d love to know if it works as well for you!

What do you do when you feel stuck???


8 thoughts on “It’s Back! Fiction Friday…

  1. It depends on how bad I’m stuck. Sometimes I just give myself permission to write crap and motor through. Other times, reading a few good books helps. If it’s so bad those don’t work, I step away for a while and then write something totally different – like with your writing exercises. =o)

  2. Excellent, excellent post!!! I talk to my CP Heather when I get a clogged brain, but sometimes she’s not around. I think these writing prompts will be perfect, at any stage in writing because you’ll natural cater them to what you need to overcome most. Perfect!

  3. Ohhhhkay. I don’t normally like explorative writing to get to know my characters (call me crazy) but I can see how these might actually be helpful. So … what weeks are you going to do this month? I’m gonna have to think about this. The prospect leaves me just a little terrified …

  4. Sounds like a great way to get to know your characters.

    I “force” myself to take a break when I get totally stuck…even if it’s for a day. I’ll beta read something, watch a movie, or read a novel. The change in activity gives my brain enough time to step away and see another point of access to attack the problem.

    Nice post!

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