So, I decided to do a random Tell the Truth Tuesday post. I don’t know why…maybe just a by-product of the crazy-insane-busy start to the year I am having.

Let’s get to it:

  1. I am a little frustrated with the post office. No seriously, I am – I mean, check out this SMASHED box they delivered to my CP. Mind you, the contents were actually pretty delicate. I shudder to think how they fared. Of course, the writer in me wants to know the “story” of that little box and its journey.
  2. I had dinner with some friends of friends last night. I have to say, it was like I had stepped into an episode of Desperate Housewives meets The Housewives of OC. If I ever write a chicklit book – I am using the people I met as characters! They’d be perfect.
  3. I am kinda jealous of a dear friend’s shoes. She has like…millions of them. And all cute. Ridiculously cute. My problem – more that 1/2 of them would not look nearly so cute on me.
  4. New Year’s goals are VERY HARD to keep. I know, I know, it is only Jan 11 and I am already harping on this – but seriously people, H-A-R-D.
  5. I am a true Trekkie! The Syfy channel did a Star Trek movie marathan….DUDES!!! I was glued to the tv. Of course, this did not bode well with getting some writing done – or the laundry – or the house cleaning – or…well you get the picture. Not that I cared. Too much.
  6. Finally, I use way too many ‘!’ in common conversation. Of course, if you knew me in person and saw how emphatically I tend to speak, you’d totally understand WHY I use so many of them!!!

Now it’s your turn…What are you willing to share today?


11 thoughts on “No…Seriously!

  1. LOL! Love Star Trek, especially the original TV series. 😉

    Yeah, crazy busy year is a good term…I’m spending so much time with house stuff that I haven’t been able to get into revisions or working on the middle grade…however, the MS need time to rest, so I think it’s all good.

    Happy Writing!!!

    BTW, “!” are totally okay. Okay? Okay!!!!

  2. I didn’t catch the whole marathon. I didn’t want to subject my family to a whole day of Star Trek. But I definitely sat down for The Wrath of Khan. It’s my favorite and they can suffer for two hours. ;o)

  3. I’m bracing myself for a roller coaster year. My 2011 is off with some serious hills and drops. I just can’t wait…NOT.

    Housewives, housewives, housewives. Oh, the stories you could tell… It’s incredibly riveting. If only you could squeeze out another hour or two in your super hectic life to be able to do this. I would LOVE to read it!

    Star Trek ROCKS!!! (Notice that I used a couple extra “!” for more emphasis. ST is definitely worth this.) I was only able to catch ST: V the other night on Syfy. Star Trek: The Reboot was on Showtime or HBO, definitely sat for that one. Will just break out my VHS tapes for Wrath (!!!) or the others…

  4. I tend to use housework, baking, laundry (add anything else you can think of in the mix) way too much to procrastinate on writing.

    I’ve learned it’s not a good thing to step away from a WIP for long, you tend to stretch the (long) period even longer.

    Star Trek is always a riveting watch!

    My problem isn’t so much the exclamations, rather the semi-colon. I tend to want to shove as much detail as possible into any given sentence. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Ha! I overuse !!!!’s too. :p And awesome! And wow! (But only in certain cases) 😉
    I learned today that it’s a little off the beaten path to see books in my head as cartoons when I’m reading them. O:)

  6. Man, I’m so there on why I use so many !!!! We could have the best conversations! *grin* I’d be glued to the screen if it was Next Generation but some of the other trekkie spin-offs just didn’t do it for me… (The … is another thing I use way to much, but I think that’s because I always have more to say… *cough* *cough*)

  7. I’m a !!! abuser too, and also caps lock! But sometimes they are necessary to express my enthusiasm!

    I’m with you on the New Year’s goals. No routines are getting established because I’m wallowing in cold-induced misery. At least, that’s my excuse.

  8. My tell the truth is this: We had 2 1/2 weeks off for the holidays. And, now we are covered in snow and so school has been cancelled. My precious sweet children are driving me CRAZY!!!!!! They have GOT to go back to school.

    And, I’m thinking somebody went postal on your poor package.


  9. Tell the truth. OK.
    – I have three totally sweet daughters but I’m mostly defined by 10yo ADHD son
    – I really hate shoe shopping
    – I’m crazy about sushi!!!!! ! 😉
    – Being strong is not always so easy right now, but I’m really trying
    – I am a true believer in the eradication of wasps (my husband not although he is allergic to them)
    – I think I have never seen Star Trek (but I have heard of it)

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