Hey guys! It’s my turn to pick the topic for this round of our Blog Chain so I decided we should all stretch our writerly muscles a bit with this:

What is the main character of you current WiP most afraid of and why? Don’t use a previously finished work. This is all about discovering the inner motivations of your current characters – the ones you don’t know all that well yet.

I chose this question because it is the type of question I ask myself as I get to know my new characters.

For my answer, I am using Ien Montgomery, the mc in my current WiP, TRANSCEND. I don’t want to go into much detail about the story yet, but I thought I’d answer the above question in Ien’s voice. So here you go – Ien Montgomery and his fears.

There are really so many things I could be afraid of, so many things I should fear now. Mother. People. Fire. So many things.

The truth is, there is only one fear that keeps me awake a night, one that continuously makes what little flesh I have left crawl.

Losing Kiera.

Oh I know, it’s cliche. But she is everything to me. Our love was the only thing keeping me sane. The only thing keeping me from…well, keeping me from things too terrible to speak of aloud.


Even as I think of her I feel my head spin and my heart break. No doubt she belongs to someone else now. Mother made sure of that, sealing my fate when she told the world that I was dead.

And now, as I breath in and out, very much alive, I think of Kiera and our future. A future that I know may never happen.

You ask what I am most afraid of – I am afraid of becoming the very thing I have always feared.

A monster.

So? What do you think? I love doing these exercises!

Now it’s your turn. Go ahead and give it a try. Don’ think, just write. See what you come up with.

For more on this question, check out Abby’s post tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what she come up with.

19 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Ien’s Fears

  1. I love how you took this!!!! These are such fun!!!! Answering from Ien’s (awesome name) point of view was so cool!!!

    Here is mine from Jules POV (for fun!)

    I’ve never thought about what I’d be afraid of. I suppose I’m afraid of discussing what would frighten me the most. Death, living without family, living without love, all of those could qualify for this topic. I’d have to say that I’m most afraid of never figuring out who I am. I don’t want to go throughout life lonely, but more I don’t want to go throughout life without ever finding myself.

  2. Ooo, I love your answer from Ien’s POV.

    From Rue’s POV:

    Ever since I was a child, my father taught me that the one thing to fear was being different. Lucky for me, my mother and uncle revised that. The thing to fear isn’t being different – it’s getting caught being different. Because once they find out you’re different, they make sure you disappear.

  3. My character’s biggest fear is being abandoned and not accepted for who she really is. There are lots of smaller ones but that’s the main one! Great thing to think about. And I always start with structure too!

  4. Good topic, but a challenging one. I have an idea for a new story, but I’m still in the research stage and know very little about my MC yet. Hopefully I’ll learn some more about her before I have to post. I doubt I can pull off her POV the way you did with Ien here, though.

  5. Great exercise. It made me want to read more. And reminded me that I need to think about that for my main character.

  6. Very awesome response to what will for sure be a challenging and fun question. And I’m almost embarrassed to say I didn’t know you are a school psychologist. That is so cool! I just happened to glance down at your bio and noticed that particular fact 🙂

  7. Great question, Christine! And I loved how you responded. Ien sounds like a very interesting character and just from that little snippet, your story sounds incredible. 🙂

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