So, we all know that I can have a hard time focusing occasionally! Okay, maybe not occasionally. Combine that with an over-developed internal editor and you can see why it is hard for me to get the words out of my head at times.

Writing exercises are helping, as I am force to focus on the task for 30 minutes at a shot. But you know what really helps.

Dr. Wicked.

Yep, that’s right. The good Dr and his Write or Die aversive techniques that include having the page turn red if here is too much time between key strokes, and even deleting words if you stare too long at the blank screen. Yep, these things work for me.

Being the perfectionist that I am, the aversive seems to shut up my internal editor, enabling me to vomit out 1.5 to 2K in 30 minutes. 

Now, a couple of caveats to that number…

  1. Yes, I do have to have some sense of the scene (s) I am going to write before I start
  2. Yes, I do revise what I wrote usually.

But all in all, I actually succeed in getting it out of my head. Something that, in the past, has been a big problem for me. In fact,it has helped so much, I just broke the 10K mark on my WiP. Not bad since I started it over the weekend.

So, if you are having any difficulty getting the words on to the page, give it a try. Just don’t make the settings to strict – you may regret it when your words start disappearing!

What do you guys do to help shut down your internal editor?

Oh! And one more thing – Dr. Wicked is testing out a new editing tool, Editminion. Check it and let me know what you think.

Happy writing!

14 thoughts on “Holding Myself Accountable with Dr. Wicked

  1. So, the first (and last) time I used writeordie I just about had a heart attack. It pressured me and boxed me in and it worked! I had a hard time keeping up (on easy), but I did write and I recommend everyone try the site.

    I am intrigued by the editing tool. I’ll make my CP try that.

  2. WriteOrDie is an amazing tool, one that has gotten me through many a NaNoWriMo. It doesn’t work so well if you’re not sure where you’re going with the story though. Then you just end up typing random crap while you try to think of what’s supposed to happen next.
    Another great resource I’ve found is which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You write one page every day. It’s actually been a wonderfully relaxing way to work through my latest story, a real treat after the frenzy of NaNo. If you’re ever looking for inspiration you should check it out.

  3. OMG, I just tried EditMinion and he’s my new best friend. (Okay, I just imagine the Minion to be a him and that’s he’s a tireless little green dude with a wicked red pen.)

    Thanks, Christine. I’ll be hanging out with the Minion from now on. I think I’ll call him George.

  4. I’ve considered Write or Die, but I am fight or flight when it comes to any kind of pressure. It might work brilliantly, or it might clog me up altogether. And then there’s the consideration that my kindergartner and my first grader will start filling my ears wall-to-wall with their fighting/questioning/whatever, and before I can form a thought of my own again, the program will have devoured my no-doubt-brilliant-but-now-deceased manuscript.

    I’m good at talking my way out of things. 😉 I’ll probably try it one of these days.

    That’s awesome that it’s working for you. I’ll definitely look into EditMinion.

    1. EditMinion is great. It’s a lot like the online program I use, AutoCrit. I pay for their platinum service, but they have a free service, too. I think EditMinion allows more words than the free level of AutoCrit, though.

  5. You’re the one who told me about Write or Die and I LOVE it. It helped me push through the entire first draft. I set it for only 500 words, but I always wrote more. It’s awesome. Now I have to give editminion a try. We just recently watched Despicable Me, and now I think of those minions when I write minions. Anyway, thanks for the great tips!

  6. Write or Die stresses me out. Then I freeze up and my brain goes blank. Ahhh, I can’t take the pressure!!! Probably because I stress myself out enough putting self-imposed deadlines on my calendar IN INK so that I cannot erase them so thereby I must meet said deadline or DIE! Or, yanno, feel like a total loser, which I think feels pretty crappy too.

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