Okay – so I am feeling a little random today. Maybe it’s the chaos at work (or in my head)…

Whatever it is, I thought I’d share the guilty pleasures that got me through the week

#1 – Random chats with CPs. Chats that included such statements as “Dude, I really suck! I mean, seriously, this is especially sucktacular.” And “I need new shoes. No really I NEED them.” And “Can I quit? Can I? I think I need too.”

#2 Serious Twitter love. Including “Dude, you are so going down.” And “OMGOMGOMG, finish that story already. Must read. Stat.” And my personal fav. “Are you srsly correcting my gangsta?”

#3 A glass of fabulous wine. Both red and white. My Dad recently over-bought wine for an occassion. So, guess who got all the leftovers? (Hey Gretchen, you should come over!)

#4 Just Dance danceoff with the TEEN and the wanna-be TEEN (my munchkins). Guess who won? (Yep, still sore too…just sayin’)

#5 Reading books on my iPad. Okay, I never thought I’d love e-readers. I mean really, books are just awesome right. But DUDES!!!!! I actually read FASTER with my iPad. Heaven!

And there you have it – this week’s guilty pleasures. No chocolate involved…but man-oh-man did I want some!

Here’s hoping for a better week.

How was your week? Anything to share?


10 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Sorry about your chaos. I hope it goes away soon. But it sounds like your guilty pleasures were awesome.

    I had a little chaos myself this week. Nothing major, but enough that I’m feeling a little dazed. I’m hoping this weekend will help me recover. A little reading, a little football, a lot of crocheting – and I should be right as rain. Well, one hopes. ;o)

  2. Twitter became a serious problem for me, and as painful as it was, I cut that cord.

    I definitely have a million other guilty pleasures…

  3. I don’t Just Dance with the kidlets, we Karaoke Revolution at our house, but there’s a fair bit of dancing involved too, because you can’t just sing – it’s a SHOW! lol! How fun!

    And yes, CP bonding via chat/email/tweets are so necessary to keep your sanity!

    Enjoy the wine 🙂

  4. Your CPs sound like fun! I have pre-conference chaos, so I kind of get where you’re coming from.

    And re: iPads, I don’t have an eReader, but I can see how I’d read faster with one. With books, I tend to flip, skim, then go back and read for a bit, then flip and skim some more, then go back and read, etc. I always end up reading the whole thing, but some parts get read several times. With an eReader, there would be no flipping. Much faster.

    I just have no discipline or patience when it comes to books.

  5. My Nook will turn out to be a problem. I can already tell. In the past, someone would mention a good book, and I’d be lucky to write it down. If I did, having to go to a bookstore or library would slow me down, keep me from buying said book. I am too impatient to order books online and wait for them to arrive. I’m too cheap to pay for overnight.

    BUT! Now someone mentions a book that sounds interesting, I press a few buttons and WHAM. I have a new book. I keep telling myself this is more expensive than iTunes. I can’t just splurge over and over again. (But I want to.)

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