Guilty Pleasures

Okay – so I am feeling a little random today. Maybe it’s the chaos at work (or in my head)…

Whatever it is, I thought I’d share the guilty pleasures that got me through the week

#1 – Random chats with CPs. Chats that included such statements as “Dude, I really suck! I mean, seriously, this is especially sucktacular.” And “I need new shoes. No really I NEED them.” And “Can I quit? Can I? I think I need too.”

#2 Serious Twitter love. Including “Dude, you are so going down.” And “OMGOMGOMG, finish that story already. Must read. Stat.” And my personal fav. “Are you srsly correcting my gangsta?”

#3 A glass of fabulous wine. Both red and white. My Dad recently over-bought wine for an occassion. So, guess who got all the leftovers? (Hey Gretchen, you should come over!)

#4 Just Dance danceoff with the TEEN and the wanna-be TEEN (my munchkins). Guess who won? (Yep, still sore too…just sayin’)

#5 Reading books on my iPad. Okay, I never thought I’d love e-readers. I mean really, books are just awesome right. But DUDES!!!!! I actually read FASTER with my iPad. Heaven!

And there you have it – this week’s guilty pleasures. No chocolate involved…but man-oh-man did I want some!

Here’s hoping for a better week.

How was your week? Anything to share?


Author: Christine Fonseca

Critically acclaimed author of edgy YA fiction, psych thrillers, and nonfiction self-help books. Drinker of skinny vanilla lattes. Lover of life. Titles include Lacrimosa, Transcend (both for YA) and The Girl Guide (non fiction for teen girls)

10 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Sorry about your chaos. I hope it goes away soon. But it sounds like your guilty pleasures were awesome.

    I had a little chaos myself this week. Nothing major, but enough that I’m feeling a little dazed. I’m hoping this weekend will help me recover. A little reading, a little football, a lot of crocheting – and I should be right as rain. Well, one hopes. ;o)

  2. Twitter became a serious problem for me, and as painful as it was, I cut that cord.

    I definitely have a million other guilty pleasures…

  3. I don’t Just Dance with the kidlets, we Karaoke Revolution at our house, but there’s a fair bit of dancing involved too, because you can’t just sing – it’s a SHOW! lol! How fun!

    And yes, CP bonding via chat/email/tweets are so necessary to keep your sanity!

    Enjoy the wine 🙂

  4. Your CPs sound like fun! I have pre-conference chaos, so I kind of get where you’re coming from.

    And re: iPads, I don’t have an eReader, but I can see how I’d read faster with one. With books, I tend to flip, skim, then go back and read for a bit, then flip and skim some more, then go back and read, etc. I always end up reading the whole thing, but some parts get read several times. With an eReader, there would be no flipping. Much faster.

    I just have no discipline or patience when it comes to books.

  5. My Nook will turn out to be a problem. I can already tell. In the past, someone would mention a good book, and I’d be lucky to write it down. If I did, having to go to a bookstore or library would slow me down, keep me from buying said book. I am too impatient to order books online and wait for them to arrive. I’m too cheap to pay for overnight.

    BUT! Now someone mentions a book that sounds interesting, I press a few buttons and WHAM. I have a new book. I keep telling myself this is more expensive than iTunes. I can’t just splurge over and over again. (But I want to.)

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