Most of you who know me know that I am a plotter. I think about the arc of my stories, internal and external conflict, character development, etc. I plan out chapters and structure early on, needing the structure in order to write.

I am not a pantser.

Being a plotter has sparked an ugly reality for me over the past year. Yes, my internal editor has been on overdrive! (not to mention my perfectionistic tendencies)

I thought doing the writing exercises would completely shut her up and allow my first draft to spill more freely onto the page.

Um….NOPE! In fact, as per my usual in 2010, I start freaking out over the draft around 15K – wondering about structure, freaking over plot, etc, etc, etc

Enter CP-Extraordinaire.

CP Extraordinaire is NOT a plotter. Not usually. She spits out a first draft in nothing flat and yet ALWAYS (and I mean always) manages to make sense out of it long before I see it, leaving me to wonder at her amazingness time and time again (it can be a bit intimidating, truth be told).

Well, yesterday I was stuck – determined to stop writing and take a minute to regroup re. the story. I wanted to outline, etc.

CP Extraordinaire wouldn’t have it, suggesting, instead that I push through my angst and just write. So, to appease her I acquiesced and promised to go all NaNo on this draft and spit it out at 2K a day.

UGHH! So freakin’ uncomfortable for me.

Which is PRECISELY why I am doing it. I firmly believe that sometimes you need to do the opposite of what you’d normally do – just for perspective, if nothing else.

So, in honor of CP Extraordinaire and my writing 2678 words last night, I proclaim today Opposite Day.

Go mix it up and have fun! Be Opposite (but be sure to come back and tell me all about it!)

***Oh! And check out Carol Denbow’s blog, A Book Inside. She has me featured in her Author Spotlight. Thanks Carol!***


11 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Oppposite Day!

  1. I second what lbdiamond said: You go, girl!

    This is why I call myself a plansterer – my combo of planning and pantsing. If one way doesn’t work, shift to another, until something hits. It’s not a perfect process, but it’s mine. ;o)

  2. SWEET! I love opposite day. It’s the day I tell my sisters they are hideous and the day i tell my BFF she’s smelly. It’s also the day I eat 5000 calories.

  3. I’m like B.E. a plansterer…did I spell that right? LOL!
    Actually, when I get stuck, I do take a moment and outline. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. You never know with my writing!

  4. I’m going in the opposite direction of you! I’m a pantser usually, but now I’m all over plotting! It’s kind of fun, but I haven’t written a word yet so we’ll see how it goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Love. IT! CP Extraordinaire has the right idea! Just push through! You can always fix later! But first, just get something down so you have something to work with. I think a bit of plotting and structure is good, but not if it’s crippling you. You’ll make sense of it–because you’re brilliant. It’ll all come together!

    As for me, I’m normally a pantser. This time around, plotting baby!!

  6. LOL I know who this panster is. I’m a plotter and I’m not going to change that. And because of that, my first draft is really good. It isn’t a mess like it would have been otherwise. And less work is required of me in the revision process. So yes, you might be able to vomit out the necessary word count, but do you really want to spend many painful hours trying to edit and makes sense of everything? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Oh man I was a die-hard pantser until last NaNo when I discovered storyboarding. Now I can barely finish this (3rd) novel without worrying “Will it work? Does it move the plot forward?” and going back and editing as I write. AAAAAAAAAH.

    Just wanted to come say hi as a fellow recipient of Becka’s aweseome award ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. Boy I wish your new book was available for my parents and me…lol

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