So, I am tired – you know, the bone-chilling, wish I could veg in my PJs all day kind of tired. It’s my own fault, really – I’ve been staying up too late blogging, reading, writing, and generally not balancing things as well as I need to…

Which leads to today’s random list of, well, random things…

  • Subbing AFTER publishing is no easier than subbing before publishing. In fact, it may be harder. Trust me on this.
  • Some books just own your heart more than others.
  • Feeling “green” is okay and perfectly normal. What isn’t okay is allowing the green to zap all of your confidence. Another thing you just need to trust me on.
  • My TBR pile is exponentially larger than the time I have to read them right now. Not good. Not good at all.
  • If I had a time turner, life would be so much more balanced! But since I don’t, I am going to have to prioritize.
  • I’ve been known to let lose a primal scream from time to time – just to release a little stress. Don’t judge; try it! You’d be surprised how helpful it is. 😀
  • Sometimes I just need reminders as to WHY I chose to write BOTH nonfiction and YA…THANK YOU to those of you who reminded me of all of the reasons last night. HUGS x ten.
  • The writers I have met on this blog and through my social networking venues never cease to amaze me on a daily basis. It is intimidating at times – but amazing ALL of the time. Thanks for being an endless source of inspiration.

What randomness do you have to share today? Don’t be shy…


6 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. I started exercising again after too long away. Now I ache, but I’m going to power through. (Either that or I’ll be a whimpering puddle of pain by this time next week.) On the other hand, I also started deep-cleaning my house room by room. Yes, I am a masochist this week.

  2. Very cool post, Christine.

    I am not sure what it means to feel “green”….

    Primal screaming…I go for operatic singing, but only when I am home alone. Or think I am alone…

  3. fun! I completely understand all of that. SOmetimes it feels like an aweful lot of work, effort, time and soul put into something that has no guarentee of giving back. God, if I didn’t love it…:)

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