Can you believe it is already Jan 31??? Man, I can’t.

I started off the year with some pretty hefty goals – including writing at least 200 days this year. And, yes, I decided to put my $$ where my mouth is and give $1 to Room to Read for every day I write.

The good news – I’ll be donating $23 to Room to Read later today. WOO HOO!!! And yes, all this writing as resulted in me passing the 30% mark on my current WiP. Not bad, considering I started it two weeks ago.

Other goals included:

  • Submit new ideas for nonfiction to agent and editor  – CHECK
  • Launch 101 Success Secrets – Yep, working on it.
  • Increase sales of Emotional Intensity – CHECK
  • Blog more regularly – CHECK
  • Start a newsletter – CHECK. My first one comes out in three weeks. Sign up here.

I, of course, had personal goals too. Things like:

  • Meditate daily – um, nope…still need to work on that one
  • Exercise daily – nope again, but I did squeeze in a few days
  • Take one day off from work AND writing EVERY WEEK – well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, right???
  • Lose the “stress-weight” I’ve gained over the past few years – I’ve made a good start (but I’ve a long way to go…)

How are you guys doing with your goals?


7 thoughts on “One Month Down…

  1. You are cookin’, girl!!! I’m so impressed. I didn’t do set goals this year, but I’m working on a Victorian paranormal thriller and a new MG. Plus starting editorial work with my editor for my GODDESS (belly dance) YA novel for 2012 so I’ve got tons going on and I’m super excited and having lots of fun!

    Now the regular blogging is definitely my *fail*. 🙂

  2. Awesome Christine! You rock!!!

    Thanks for sharing your personal goals too. I have similar ones and I have mixed results. I am warding off the ambivalent feelings so that I may continue to get healthy!

  3. Great goals and progress. I made small progress on mine but expected as much in January and February. I did exercise a fair amount, but definitely need to get back to meditating daily.

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