Hi guys. This has been a LOOONNNNGGGG week. I had a great (sorta) post written for today – but yeah, decided to move it to next week for a bun ch of reasons.

So, since I am fried but want to share a few things…I’m being random instead. Here are a few random things I want you to know about as we go into the weekend.

  • Here are the three most inspirational posts that I read this week – all of them spoke to me in a very special way: 1) Elana Johnson’s post about feeling left out; 2) An outline of Sara Zarr’s keynote at SCBWI; and 3) this post about Writer’s Insecurities
  • I started a newsletter. The first one goes out in a couple of weeks. What is going to be in it? Info about upcoming books, contests, and yes…exclusive content. Mwahahaha ! Gotta sign up to see what I come up with. 😀
  • I did my first global webinar yesterday. The topic – Being an Emotional Coach to Your Gifted Children. It was a BLAST (THANK YOU giftedkidsie.com) and yes, I am currently planning come sort of major global webinar-type author chat thingy in the near future. For those who missed the webinar, here are links to my slides and a recording of the presentation it self (requires a plug-in…).
  • I am doing my first virtual conference in SecondLife on February 26. Made a cute little avatar and everything! For more info, you can click here.  I’m embracing technology all the way!!!
  • I figured out my passion….yep, I sure did! Now to figure out how I can rally that into a full-time job.
  • I think the Bookanistas are just…well…FAB!!! The nine million emails (no I am not exaggerating) generated by that group never fail to make me smile.
  • I exchange nightly emails with a couple of CPs in which we share our wc and last lines for the day – these emails keep me going and truly force me to write!
  • I am closing in on the 30K mark with my current WiP. And yes, I still love it. No, I won’t abandon it. But DUDES!!!! It is gonna take me forever to revise. Yeah, it is sorta like word vomit at the moment ;).
  • Finally, I want to THANK YOU all for bearing with me as I find my footing again. Between the loss of my mother, some craziness at the day job and trying to balance too many things, I have been a bit…well…angsty! After some rearranging of my schedule, some reality checks with CPs and friends, I am happy to report I’m good – balanced, focused and pretty excited about things. THANKS for sticking with me through this.

What were some great ah-ha s for YOU this week???


9 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday!

  1. Dude, you’re like ali superglue. I’m never gonna leave you.

    So happy for you on your conference. I knew you would slay it! And finding your passion?? That’s priceless. PRICELESS!

  2. I get so nervous sometimes with the word vomit! Especially because I revised my last ms for a year!! Ugh, but you can only do what you can do. The important thing is to actually finish! Worry about revision when you get there. You can do it!

    I’m super curious about this passion of yours…

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy writing, sweets!

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