Hey all – Do you guys have exploding to-do lists? You know, the ones that get longer as the day goes on, instead of shorter?

Mine does. For every one thing I get to cross off, three more things get added. It’s crazy!

My solution – stepping back from a few things.

For the next few weeks I am taking a mini hiatus in order to get some things OFF my to-do list (without adding more to it).

See you all on the other side.

How do you cope with an exploding to-do list?


17 thoughts on “My Exploding To-Do List

  1. Schedule, schedule, schedule – that’s my credo. And, like you, I’ve gotten very good at cutting the non-essentials. Also, multi-tasking goes a long way toward doubling what I can get done in the same amount of time: for example, I always check email while eating breakfast.

  2. Sounds like a plan. My to-do list is like yours, but I don’t think I could step away from what I’m already doing to get the other stuff done. What I need to step away from is television. But every time I try, it just sucks me back.

  3. Great minds, Christine! I blogged about out-of-control to do lists today as well, lol!

    I’ll miss you while you’re unplugged, but I applaud you for taking care of yourself!

  4. Right now, I only have one huge thing on my list: GET WRITING!!!

    But no matter how hard I try, something is in the way…

    Good luck with your to-do list.


  5. i have learned to say no. a very smart friend of mine once said to me something akin to every yes to someone / something else is a no to my family / what is really important to me.

    i’ve been super better about it since then. also, lightening the load and just not stressing when i can’t get to certain things.

  6. I just let Mother Nature do her business : no To Do list.
    I just do what I do not forget. It’s a kind of natural selection 😉

  7. When it’s too crazy, like this week, I just try to survive. Too many after work volunteer activities for my daughter and lots of stress at work are making me crazy. I have to accept I don’t have energy to write this week.

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