My Exploding To-Do List

Hey all – Do you guys have exploding to-do lists? You know, the ones that get longer as the day goes on, instead of shorter?

Mine does. For every one thing I get to cross off, three more things get added. It’s crazy!

My solution – stepping back from a few things.

For the next few weeks I am taking a mini hiatus in order to get some things OFF my to-do list (without adding more to it).

See you all on the other side.

How do you cope with an exploding to-do list?


Author: Christine Fonseca

Critically acclaimed author of edgy YA fiction, psych thrillers, and nonfiction self-help books. Drinker of skinny vanilla lattes. Lover of life. Titles include Lacrimosa, Transcend (both for YA) and The Girl Guide (non fiction for teen girls)

17 thoughts on “My Exploding To-Do List”

  1. Schedule, schedule, schedule – that’s my credo. And, like you, I’ve gotten very good at cutting the non-essentials. Also, multi-tasking goes a long way toward doubling what I can get done in the same amount of time: for example, I always check email while eating breakfast.

  2. Sounds like a plan. My to-do list is like yours, but I don’t think I could step away from what I’m already doing to get the other stuff done. What I need to step away from is television. But every time I try, it just sucks me back.

  3. Great minds, Christine! I blogged about out-of-control to do lists today as well, lol!

    I’ll miss you while you’re unplugged, but I applaud you for taking care of yourself!

  4. Right now, I only have one huge thing on my list: GET WRITING!!!

    But no matter how hard I try, something is in the way…

    Good luck with your to-do list.


  5. i have learned to say no. a very smart friend of mine once said to me something akin to every yes to someone / something else is a no to my family / what is really important to me.

    i’ve been super better about it since then. also, lightening the load and just not stressing when i can’t get to certain things.

  6. I just let Mother Nature do her business : no To Do list.
    I just do what I do not forget. It’s a kind of natural selection 😉

  7. When it’s too crazy, like this week, I just try to survive. Too many after work volunteer activities for my daughter and lots of stress at work are making me crazy. I have to accept I don’t have energy to write this week.

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