Happy Tuesday! So, since I’m feeling a bit random, I thought I’d do a Tell The Truth Tuesday post. Be ready to spill your own secrets at the end…mwahahaha

  • Yesterday’s Just Kiss Already blogfest was a blast. Not only did I LOVE LOVE LOVE the various posts I read, but you all made me swoon with the nice comments on a scene from one of my novels.
  • I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day with my hubby in years. I do, however, still make heart-shaped pancakes and heart-shaped sandwiches for the girls.
  • I totally count the days until the next break from work ( 25 working days until Spring Break). Yea, I’m just lame like that!
  • I started working out yesterday after MONTHS and MONTHS of avoiding it. OMGosh – I seriously thought I was gonna die on the elliptical. And yes, I will be on it again today.
  • I have just a little crush on Orlando Bloom  – I know, he’s married, etc. But dude, seriously. That voice. Nuf said (and yes, “that voice” may or may not have made an appearance in a previous story of mine)
  • I am addicted to cupcake wars. Why? IDK. I think I need to get a life.
  • I really have NO IDEA what the love is for the Housewives of….(fill in the blank). I know, I just revealed how uncool I am, but I don’t gt it. I’ll admit it.
  • I am BEYOND excited that both the Amazing Race AND Survivor are getting ready to star back up. Who’s with me?
  • I clearly spend too much time watching TV and the previous points point out!
  • My mc in my current WiP was supposed to be a cellist. Turns out she is a violinist.  Who knew? I really wanted her to be a cellist, but she is FIGHTING me on it. And I already know she’ll win!
  • I hate waiting. Nuf said.

Okay, you’re turn. Anything you wanna spill?


7 thoughts on “Coming Clean for Tell the Truth Tuesday

  1. I must be uncool, too. I have no clue why people watch Real Housewives of Anything. I’m a housewife and nothing on those shows seems ‘real’ to me. (Of course, ‘Rich Pampered Married Chicks who Whine and Gripe’ probably wouldn’t have a fan base.)

    My truth for the day… I’m addicted to watching Lifetime’s afternoon reruns of Grey’s Anatomy, but I have no interest in watching the new episodes. At least not until they’re on in reruns and only if they’re on in order.

  2. I only watch a couple shows on TV: Glee and Greek. And both are available on Hulu, so I just watch them online. Otherwise, it’s kiddie movies / shows all the time at the Aphayrath house.

    And Husband and I haven’t really celebrated Valentine’s Day in ages either. As the girls have gotten older, we’ve done stuff to make it a bit of a special family day, but nothing for just us. And honestly, I don’t feel like I’m really missing out. Especially on the stress.

    Oh and I hate waiting too. I’m with ya there.

  3. I watch hardly any TV either. I don’t have time if I want to blog and read. I’m counting my days till a few days off-only till next Thursday. I can’t wait.

  4. Never celebrated Valentine’s day, not even when hub and me were boy/girl friend stage. And prefer the Internet to TV anyday of the week – unless Corrie’s or Being Human’s on and then I’m glued.

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