Blog chain time again! And this time, Shaun wants to know:


Who is your favorite literary couple and why?

Ah yes…romance. I love romance. Especially in books. Being a YA writer, there is always a touch (or more) of romance in my books. I tried writing a story without any romance once – – yeah, it didn’t work. My mc “made” me introduce a little fun with a love interest.

But I digress.

This post is about my favorite romantic couple. I thought about posting about some of the couples in the classics I’ve been reading of late (research for a current project), but truthfully, I keep coming back to one particular couple as I pondered this post.

Jag and Vi.

Who are Jag and Vi, you ask. Well…you are going to have to read Elana Johnson’s POSSESSION to find out. Now I can’t say too much about WHY I love them as a couple, because I’ll spoil too much. Just think of it this way – snarky girl who is somewhat hard on guys, meets equally strong guy who gives it right back to her. Yep, she has definitely met her match with him. Which is why I love them.

They are equally matched. He isn’t the strong, let-me-rescue-you-becuase-you’re-weak character. And she isn’t so tough that she is closed to love.

They are a great match – and trust me, their journey in the book is hot, tender and will leaving you screaming at the book at the end.

So, go order the book. When it comes out, you can see if I’m right!

Jag and Vi….a FABULOUS literary couple.

To see what other fabu couples are out there, check out Sarah’s post from yesterday, and Abby’s post tomorrow. 

So, tell me – who is YOUR favorite couple???


13 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Love on the page…

  1. Now that comment sounds wrong. I meant I cannot wait for the movie version to see what actors have enough chemistry to pull off the Jag and Vi connection. And who will play Zenn?! Why does this make me feel so giddy?

  2. Great, now I really can’t wait until I get to read Possession (it’s in my stack of to-be-read). From what you say though, they sound like a pretty good couple choice. Of course, what else should we expect from a writer like Elana? 🙂

  3. Oh, I can’t wait to learn more about Vi and Jag! Right now I’m in love with Frannie and Luc (from Lisa Desrochers’ Personal Demons), but I’m about to start XIV, so I’m hoping for some fun sexual tension. 😉

    Fun post!

  4. I can’t wait to read this. I always hate it when the heroine of the story needs to be rescued by a guy. It’s a big pet peeve. Couples who are evenly matched, rock.

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