Happy Oscar Sunday! I am spending today in beautiful Palm Springs, CA getting ready to present at CAG this afternoon. Before I get too tied up with presentation stuff, I wanted to let you guys know who the winner was for my 101 SS excerpt contest.


Okay, so she didn’t win an Oscar, but she is getting BOTH Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students and 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about 101 Success Secrets. The response has been great and I can’t wait until launch day. I’m so very proud of this book.

To help keep the pre-launch party going, I’m posting weekly vlogs leading up to the big day. The vlogs will feature kids and parents sharing their tips, excitement and maybe even a few surprises.

And yes, I’ll be hosting another contest related to these vlogs.

So check out the blog staring tomorrow – 2/28.

I know the 101 Success Secrets – Do You?

Oh! And my first newsletter goes out soon (like in a few days, soon) – be sure to sign up so you don’t miss any of the event news, book info, contests or features.

Happy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to….

  1. WOW! I really can’t believe I won!!! And I’m SOOO happy!!!
    (This is the first time I win a book I want! YAY for me!! Hehehe!)

    I really can’t wait to read it. And you know, I’m sure my 9y0 will love it!
    When I read your 2nd chapter, I was thinking all the time about him. I have other kids, too, but your book is definitely for him! 😀

    Again, thanks so much!
    *jumps up and down*

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