Once upon a time there was a girl. She, like many writers, worked hard – very hard – perfecting her craft and seeking publication. And like many other writers, she had successes and failures.

Then, the girl suffered a rather traumatic loss. Stressors from her real life poured into her writing life and she realized that her writing is ultimately linked to her emotional status and the things going on in her real life.

Her stress began to show through in her writing. She started to angst over things that didn’t bother her before. She become frustrated and it reflected in her attempts to write.

She took a small step back to regroup. It worked, and she started a new project. But, as she neared the conclusion of that project, life threw a few more curve balls. She again became overwhelmed.

Finally, after several good, long, cathartic chats with her writerly buds, she figured out an important truth…

sometimes the best thing to do is to regroup

It isn’t a mark of failure, or something to feel broken about. It is just an opportunity to renew the creative spirit and move forward.

So, in the same vein as the girl above, I am taking my own advice and stepping back. I have learned some important lessons in these weeks and months since my mother’s death…

I really need to give myself a break!

So, I am going to be stepping back from my online presence a tad. Oh, I’ll still blog – but not consistently. And yeah, twitter and fb may occasionally see me – but only occasionally. I need time to renew (which I do through solitary activities being a true introvert), regroup and re-prioritize.

How do you decide when it is time to regroup?


13 thoughts on “Knowing when to regroup…

  1. I hope you are able to find the peace and happiness in your life and writing that you are searching for. (If those are even the right words to use.) I feel like I need to regroup about every other week… or day sometimes. It’s just so hard to make myself pull back and do it. I worry that I will lose all the ground I’ve gained, or something. I’m impressed by your courage, and hope the best for you. 🙂

  2. Christina, when my mother died, the first two or three months were kind of numbing, and then the impact hit me like a hurricane, almost unexpected (although it shouldn’t have been). You are wise to regroup. Sending love and healing thoughts your way…
    ~ Lisa

  3. I know it’s time for me when the only solution seems to be to throw my hands up in the air and surrender.

    Best wishes and warm thoughts to you as you re-group and move forward.

  4. i am so, so sorry for your loss. the last thing you need to be worrying about right now is social networking. your focus needs to be on healing and finding joy again. although i haven’t suffered a loss like this, i do know the importance of regrouping. i’ve been doing it for 6 months now. ugh. now i’m more than ready to get back into the swing of things! all the best to you, my friend 🙂

  5. I can see how your mom is still very much alive in you. I’m comforted knowing you are taking time for yourself. Everyone benefits when we love ourselves. I agree with Donna, I feel like I’m regrouping every single day.
    If you need me you know how to reach me. Take care…

  6. Sometimes I don’t decide to regroup – it just happens because everything ends up exploding. Making a plan to do that is a much better approach. We’ll be here when you get back.

  7. I think we all need this sometimes. It’s so hard to acknowledge, even harder to admit it to others. So you’re one step ahead. I say take the time you need, pop in when you feel like it, cave up when you want–just be true to you and to your needs. We’ll be here when you need us. Love you, girlie. *hugs*

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever consciously made the decision to regroup. Rather, it happens whether I’m involved or not. I’m in a regrouping stage right now, and didn’t really realize it until I looked around. The biggest telltale sign is how much writing I’m doing, whether on my blog or freelance. Right now my blog is withering from lack of attention and the freelance work is glaring at me because I’m not diving into it as I should (guess what #1 plan is this week?). There is so much up in the air right now that forging ahead is nearly impossible. Of the major life stressors, we’re only missing divorce or death right now. :/ And those two had better stay away! Regrouping is a good thing. It allows you to step back and breathe and recover and head back in recharged.
    Good luck hon.

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