Happy Friday Everyone. I thought I’d pop in and actually write  a post today. But, I’ll warn you…it is a bit random.

So, here you go…my random musings for today:

  • Feb was an epicfail as far as writing is concerned. Yep, I definitely did not meet that goal. March isn’t starting off so hot either, but my CPs are making sure I don’t repeat Feb!
  • My first newsletter went out this week. People seemed to like it. The good thing – it wasn’t as hard as I thought and I was able to connect with some of the people who do not regularly read my blog. The bad thing – Hmmm, there really isn’t a down side. I think the newsletter will prove to be a great way to connect with readers.
  • I am knee-deep in planning the book tour for 101 Success Secrets! Wanna get in on it? Just click here and fill out the form. I would love to have a couple more people involved. The tour starts in about 8 weeks. HOLY COW…The Book is out in 8 weeks. I am really behind….really really behind!
  • I’ve been contemplating pseudonyms a lot of late – for my fiction career. Yeah, it’s a bit premature to think about it, but…well..I have.
  • Finding that sweet spot between feeling angsty and completely relaxed is necessary for me with regards to writing. It’s in that sweet spot where I am most productive.
  • Jumping fully into this world of writing has been a fabulous lesson in balance, amongst other things – one I have not mastered yet.
  • Finally – the Bookanistas are truly some of the most TALENTED people I have ever been fortunate enough to be part of. Look at this amazing cover just released for Bookanista Stasia Ward Kehoe:



Beautiful yes? And guess what else – Stasia is hosting a great promotional event tied in with the book. Just click on the extra special button below and check it out!

Share your audition story   at Stasia's new blog A YEAR OF AUDITIONS


That is more than enough randomness from me – what are you guys up to? Have I missed anything???


6 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. Hmm… I also have that sweetspot, but darned if I can’t find it. >_<

    I know I will use a pseudonym one day, but it's too early to change my profiles…

    Good luck with the arrangements!


  2. Okay, booo! How come I didn’t get a newsletter? Have I not signed up? Where do I sign up?

    And I’m in for the blog tour. Do I need to fill out the form? Fine, I’ll fill out the form. 🙂

  3. Happy Friday to you, too! So glad it’s the weekend.

    I signed up for the newsletter and didn’t get it, so…what’s up with that? Also, I’ll totally help with the book tour, but your link is broken. So I can’t fill out the form. But if you still need people, give me a shout and let me know when and where and how. I’m there.

    Yay for sweet spots and pseudonyms. I agree! Have a great weekend.

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