Hey all… Happy Weds!

Thought I’d stop in and let you know what I’ve been working on during my hiatus.



Okay, nothing.

Yep, nothing. Oh, I’ve been reading (Just finished two of the best books I’ve read yet this year), and critting (yep, those mss were some of the best things I’ve read all year too)…

But writing


Why, you may ask?

Well, I’ve been in this weird writing funk of late, unable to get past a certain point of the process with my WiPs. I’ve fought against this for a while and finally…FINALLY…I’m just chillaxin about it. After all, at this exact moment I have no official deadlines. I have a few projects I’m waiting to hear about, but until I do..I have time.

Time and freedom.

So, instead of freaking out and playing “beat the clock” for fear that everyone I know will cross some mythical finish line before me, I’ve decided to just go with the flow…
And chill.
Live life.
Read, read, read.
And yea, write. Eventually.
Good plan? I don’t know…but it is what I’m going with for now!

What about you. What are you working on?


10 thoughts on “Whacha doing Weds…

  1. Yup, I’ve been on hiatus from writing too. Renovating a 200+ year old house really takes up a lot of time, LOL!

    Glad you’re taking a break. When the words come, they come. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m trying to get back in the groove after chillin’ during the month of February. It’s slow going so far, but this time of year is usually a slow time for my creativity. Like you, I used to fight it, but it’s easier to combat if I just go with the flow. You know, sneak up on it from behind and defeat it that way. =o)

    Right now, I’m working on writing something new and editing something old while I send queries out on my last finished manuscript. A little here, a little there and lots of reading in between.

  3. Dude, one of these days it’s just gonna hit you like a pile driver. You’ll be sitting there watching a movie or reading a book, and then you’ll get this itch in your chest, and your leg will start to twitch and your mind will go buzz buzz, and then suddenly you’ll find yourself sliding your laptop onto your lap and before you know it your fingers will be going tap tap tap, and then BAM! Days will go by and you’ll have forgotten to look up or eat and you’ll have pages and pages of something beautiful.

    Until then, you just keep reading and trucking along, love. It’ll come back to you.

  4. I think it’s a smart plan. When you hear back about your subs, you’ll be back to rushing edits and all that and it’s always a good idea to take some time for you. Plus, technically, reading and critiquing will only help you write better. See? Smart plan.

    I’m revising. It’s like laundry, never-ending.

  5. Ahhh … NOW I get it! All that angst. THIS feeling I can relate too. You KNOW I can. I didn’t really understand, before that this was what you were feeling. ((hugs))

    This is where I was when I wrote you a month or two back saying I needed to slow down and enjoy the journey more? Not be so freakish about hurrying, hurrying, hurrying? So I totally get where you’re coming from C.!

    A nice break will you do you good, and then you’ll come back ready to SLAY it!

  6. I can relate to this, as I’m kind of chillin’ myself – not because I’m stuck in my writing process, but because I’m waiting for revision notes from my agent. I just can’t bring myself to invest in anything new because I know that any day now I’ll be launched into revision madness.

  7. yesss! agree with you so much here. i hit a black hole in my novel some time back and decided to take a long writing break instead of freaking out about it. and omg, IT HELPED SO MUCH! now i know why exactly i want to go on writing, and during the break i read dozennns of books from all genres and gained so much writing knowledge! ๐Ÿ™‚

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