So, remember that movie, the one where mother and daughter switch places? Yes?
This post isn’t about that, though my Teen and I did have a great convo about what that would be like. She thought it would be hysterically funny to see me trying to manage her classes, and her trying to drive my car!

Anyway, this is about the collection of exciting, wonderful, freaky, whatever things that has made up my week.

  • I am happy to report I am SO MUCH MORE relaxed than I was at the start of the week – at least in terms of my current workload, etc. My friends say it’s more a case of being exceptionally numb (my workload literally doubled since Monday) – I prefer to think of it as having found my inner Zen.
  •  I got struck with a couple of new ideas over the week – so, I “may” start working on them soon. One never knows…
  • The good news with my writerly friends (book sales, agents, etc) far exceeds the bad news – something that bodes well for all writers, I think.
  • I’m STILL waiting to hear on several projects I can’t really say too much about just yet. I keep forgetting that a week or two in publishing could mean a month!
  • And finally, the big freakishly wonderful news I am STILL shocked about…. 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids is OUT. At least, it is available from the publisher. The “official” launch is still May 1, 2011 – and I have some fun, amazing things planned for April and May as a result. But if you want to get a copy BEFORE the fun (book signings, launch parties, etc) – you can get it from the publisher NOW!!!

**(And if you do get it early, I would love to hear your thoughts on it)**

What wonderful, wacky, freaky things have happened to YOU this week???

OH! And don’t forget about my comment contest to win an ARC for THE LIAR SOCIETY. The contest closes tonight, and I’ll post the name of the winner tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. Your first point reminds me a lot of myself this week. I was so stressed, but now I’m feeling kind of chill about it. I wonder if that’s a good thing… Yay for things getting better though!

    Congrats on your early “launch”! 🙂

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