So, it’s Friday! My week has been…B-U-S-Y. GREAT, but insanely busy. In addition to trying to get things together for the launch of 101 Success Secrets (which, yeah, is sort of already out), my day job is exploding with busyness. And, yes, there is a writing component with the day job too. Psycho-educational reports, behavioral analysis reports, etc. So, while I’ve probably clocked 8K or more a day this week…

NONE of it has been on my current WiP.

Yeah, kind makes me sad.

Take this morning…

I got up early related to too much on my plate with the day job. So, at 3:30am, I turned on the computer and started working on a particularly difficult report. 5K later I took an internet break to check my email and my MUST-READ blogs. I was tired, drained, stressed…and just thankful it was Friday.

Not sure how I could possibly make it through the day, I started reading a couple of blogs. The title of one, alone, made my heart skip:

“I want to be like Christine Fonseca”. WHOA, WHAT??? I had to read it again. Then I read the post. And dangitall, my buddy/friend/freak-emo-twin brought tears to my eyes.

So…THANK YOU ELANA JOHNSON! You gave me just the oxygen I needed to get through the day. AGAIN!

It didn’t end there, though. After reading her post I went back to work for a bit. Needing to wake the kids, and actually get ready for work, I closed my work files and read another MUST-READ blog…

OMGosh…AGAIN….Michelle McLean surprised me with a post too. WTHeck, guys…warn a girl! And yes, now I can barely see my keyboard because I am CRYING AGAIN….IN A GOOD WAY!!!


What on earth did I do to deserve you guys??? Whatever it is, WOW!

In honor of what those posts did for me today, I want all of you to go brighten someone’s day. You never know what your kind words can mean to another!


Oh, and on another note – I donated a signed copy of 101 Success Secrets and a partial crit to help the relief efforts for Japan. You can go bid here. Bidding closes soon soon soon….

***PS – So, Ali Cross joined in the fun too. And so did Danyelle Leafty . Now I can’t breathe…Man. You guys all MADE MY DAY. I am…. well I have no words. Nothing. 

So, instead, I’m just going to go email them a thank you and do something…many somethings…special for some other people. You guys all MADE MY DAY!


12 thoughts on “Surprises….

  1. All three of those were awesome posts, and reminded me to come back here. I love you, and I love your blog, but I never remember to come by as much as I would like to, because it doesn’t show up in my blogger dashboard without Google Friend Connect.

    Oh well, I’ll just have to remember to come back more often, manually. You’re worth it.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Elana (and for being the awesome mastermind that you are.) Hah! It’s up now. Yeah. I blame the white rabbit. Ran off with my pocket watch.

    You are incredible, Christine! And we’re all so lucky to have you as a friend. 😀

    *hugs and cupcakes and cookies*

  3. It made my day too, to see all the kind things done for you. How sweet it is to read such uplifting blogs! We’re all blessed to call you friend, Christine!

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