Knew that would get your attention this Saturday! But seriously, today’s question comes from Kat who wanted to know:

How do you feel about love scenes? As a reader, are you put off by the gratuitous? As a writer, do you shy away from spelling out the down-and-dirty? Or do you write until your computer lights a cigarette

Ooohhh….the steamy stuff. I love the steamy stuff. Seriously. But, that doesn’t mean I write graphic steamy stuff. As a YA writer, I am pretty aware of what I put on the page.  Every word, scene, object, and character quirk is thoughtout and has purpose. Including the love scenes.

Sometimes that means an amazing kissing scene:

His touch sears me. I pull away, barely able to speak. “Aydan? You’re here?”

“Be with me,” he says, kissing my jaw, my neck, my shoulder. Every spot his mouth touches closes the empty spaces inside.

A storm of desire gathers in my soul. Not just desire – need. “I shouldn’t…can’t—”

Aydan stops and looks at me, his amber eyes as beautiful now as the day we met in Germany. “Tell me you don’t love me.”

I try to form the words. Try to lie. But every cell, human and angelic, reaches out for him. Every thought – only him. I fall back into him, giving in to everything I desire.

He wraps me in a hungry kiss, erasing the pain, the torment, the anguish. All that remains is my need. My love.

“Let me have you. Love you,” he says, his voice trembling.

I open my mouth to respond, the words nothing but dust. A single moan escapes as he draws me into another kiss.

Somehow he reaches every dark corner of my soul, healing the betrayal and pain from so long ago. I want for nothing but him. This moment.

 For an eternity.

Someimes that means writing about a demon that feeds by stealing souls with a kiss – literally.

I lead her from the train, through the deserted streets of the city. My need explodes across my tongue and I can barely control myself. Slow down, I remind myself. Enjoy her.

I pull her into a dark alley, lean her against the cold brick building. A soft breeze flutters past and I smell the dark creatures waiting.

Almost time.

I press into her. “You really should be more careful with strangers.”

Her body stiffens against mine. I feel her heart beat wildly against her ribs, see the seductive mix of fear and desire in her eyes.

Close your eyes. Give into me.

Her eyes roll back as I lean in, tease her neck with my lips. Her jaw, her mouth. A barely-there moan escapes her lips.

I’ve won.

The dark creatures emerge from the shadows around me, moving invisibly towards their next meal. Wait. Soon you can feed. They stop, allowing me to finish.       

“Are you sure about this?” I ask, already knowing her answer.  

She grabs my waist and pulls me to her until the space between us is gone. “Yes,” she says through trembling lips.

I draw her into a soft kiss. Her fear ignites frenzy. I pull her into a hungrier kiss, moving my hands down her back. She wraps her leg around me, her desire matching mine.

I retreat, teasing her. She moans and pulls me back.

Greedily I take what I need, gripping her body, ripping her soul. The sweet nectar unleashes the monster within. Her eyes spring open. Terror fills the crevices of her face. She tries to close her mouth, her fists pound against my chest. I tighten my hold on her body, force her mouth open.

And take her breath.

Her life.

Her soul.

I wait for my release, for my pain to ebb.

Nothing. Only more fury.

So, yeah – I am more than willing to “go there”. But, since I am all about authenticity, I don’t do anything in my books for no reason or for shock value. Every single thing – from the colors mentioned, to things within the setting, to behaviors from the characters, to even the amount and type of sexual tension/energy within the storyline – everything is done for a specific purpose and to tell the story in a specific way.

As a reader, I am open to whatever – but, I want it to be authentic. I don’t like sex for the sake of sex, any more than I like aggression for the sake of aggression. But if it is essential to the storyline, than yes…I can go there with no problem.

What about you? Can you “go there”??? For more on this steamy topic, see what Shaun said a few days ago. Then go back and read through the whole chain. You won’t regret it.


13 thoughts on “Blog Chain Time: Let’s talk about S-E-X…

  1. Oh wow! I want to read this book!!!!

    I love writing steamy, but YA steamy is different to adult steamy. I love writing YA steamy because there’s still an element of fun and innocence to it, at least the way I write it. And it’s has to be authentic. If it’s there because the author hopes that will make the book a bestseller, then it’s a turn off for me.

  2. Okay, I really like the second excerpt alot more. Of course, I’m of a more darkened bent anyway, so maybe that’s why LOL. But this is really good stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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