Hey there –

Thought I’d post a little Tell the Truth tribute this am. Maybe you’ll join me…

  1. Spring Break is the BEST. I mean, look where I’m staying…(And yes, this is my house. I LOVE this time of year – 80 degrees by Weds!)
  2. Mildred Pierce and the Housewives of OC- yeah, NOT the best parenting examples. Nuf said.
  3. I’m secretly crushing on yet another character. Um, is that a bad thing to admit??
  4. I find the fact that the missing Cobra from the Bronx zoo has more twitter followers than many celebs fascinating. The tweets this cobra is making…funny!!!
  5. Going through old modeling pics to share with all of you as part of a post for a friend…um…yeah, not sure I’ll be sharing them after all.
  6. I am meeting some of my fav online peeps in a mere 2 mos. The idea of this – terrifying (exciting too). Must start getting back into shape. Seriously!!

What truths are you divulging this am?


8 thoughts on “Tell the Truth Tuesday

  1. Ooh! Meeting new friends is always fun (and terrifying)! It will be awesome! My confession? I’m totally jealous that you get to meet other writer friends. And I would love to be swimming in that pool right now. It’s HOT here!

  2. That’s your house? Well…I have…uh…mountains! For (hopefully) only a few more weeks. ; )
    And yes, you’re sharing the modeling pictures. I’ll share a snippet of one of my flute recitals…but I think they’re packed. LOL

  3. ooo I so need to come visit you! 😀 I am FREEZING right now. In a long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, fur boots….and I’m sitting in my kitchen. So tired of being cold!! Can’t wait for my anniversary just because there is a big jacuzzi tub….is it sad that the thing I’m looking forward to the most is being immersed in scalding hot water? 😀 *off to get my blankie*

  4. Um, we haven’t been out of the 40’s in a LONG time. I can’t even imagine our pool being opened…we have months left until that magical day. *sigh* I’m green with envy, lucky duck. 🙂

    Which convention…and who are you meeting up with?

    CONGRATS again on your book launch!

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