Welcome to the official launch Party for 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids: The Ultimate Guide. This book features literally 101 tips about life for kids. In honor of the advice throughout the book, April is filled with amazing guest posts here on my blog, all answering one simple question:

Some of the peeps answering include Holly Cupala, Beth Revis, Lisa and Laura Roecker, Michelle Zink, Gretchen McNeil, Lisa Rivero and so so so many more! It will truly be an epic month. And to spice things up, I will doing a giveaway EVERY FRIDAY in April, choosing one random commenter from the week. The prize – a cool swag pack featuring bookmarks, note pads, and more.

Pretty great yeah???

Today I’m featuring the amazing ELANA JOHNSON, Author of POSSESSION (in stores June 8, 2011), who posted her answer over on her blog. Go check it out, and grab the graphic if you want in on the action and post your own advice. Be sure to tell me if you do, and I’ll enter YOU in my comment contest too.

But that’s not all that’s in store this month! Nope. There will also be a contest on my FB page (so go and like the page), a twitter chat next week, book signings, a scavenger hunt of sorts, and an epic Blog Tour in May. This is truly NOT TO BE MISSED.

Oh! And the BIG THING….An EPIC COMMENT CONTEST giveaway from now through the end of the blog tour. I’ll be choosing 10 commenters at random, choosing them from every post related to the launch (here and on other blogs) throughout April and the Blog Tour in May. And the prizes? Check it out:

  • 7 random commenters will get Swag prize bundles that include bookmarks, magnets, magazines for kids, t-shirts, notepads, art supplies to make your own Friendship Cards and a few other surprises.
  • 1 will get the swag bundle + a signed copy of 101 Success Secrets
  • 1 will get the swag bundle + signed copies of BOTH 101 Success Secrets AND Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students + a 30 page critique 
  • The GRAND PRIZE for one lucky commenter – the swag bundle, the signed copies of the books, the crit AND a $50 AMAZON Gift Card.  

WOO HOO!!! So, join the party. Leave comments – lots of them. And let’s celebrate the early release of 101 Success Secrets!


15 thoughts on “The 101 Success Secrets EPIC Launch PAR-TAY!!!

  1. Yea! April and May are going to be fun months for sure! Congrats and congrats and congrats some more! (Move over, Dr. Seuss. That rhyme was completely unintentional.)

  2. Hi Christine, I’m from the Kidlit yahoo group and I just wanted to say “Congratlations”. How fantastic. It’s so exciting isn’t it. Here’s to your success!

  3. wow, congratulations! Lots of wonderful stuff coming up here! And I think my mother would be VERY interested in that book (my 13 year old sister is gifted and talented and just went on an interview for a college/highschool coop program)

  4. I am feeling ((tingly)) all over with excitement for the release of this book. It’s unique nature … the way it ‘talks’ to gifted children is incredible!!!

  5. What an awesome giveaway! We have reached the point of looking at our 4-year-olds and thinking, “Wow, you’re 4 going on 20.” The things they say and do! We fear that the public school system will not stimulate them enough so we were looking into additional tutelage. These books sound awesome!

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