Time for another Blog Chain topic! This time Cole started us of with the following question:

What hobbies, tips, or techniques do you have for  keeping your writerly battery charged? 

I love this question. As a writer I really struggle with keeping my energy at the level I need it to be in order to be able to write and create. Not only does the industry itself get to me from time to time, with the rejection rate as high as it is and the market woes, but so do the pressures of social networking.

I am an introvert by nature. Social networking has given me this great opportunity to network with others and connect in ways too difficult for me previously. But there is a down side as well. Because I find social networking less of a drain on my emotional reserves than RL encounters, I tend to forget the need to periodically pull back. The result, a very fried me!

So, what do I do about it? I read, garden, disconnect my internet and refocus my energies on my true goals…

writing really good books.

My family is very instrumental in this process. They are the one constant stream of support. Where the woes of this biz will periodically drain me and my writerly friends, my family only knows how to offer their love and support.

My kids remind me what it is like to be young and free in their thought processes. Through them and their friends, I am recharged as we talk about books or just play games.

My husband is the rock of support I need to push through the doldrums. Although he has not read a single thing I have written, he is there for me when I need to talk about the scene or story. He listens, much more than I realize. Case in point, he just got back from a week in NYC chaperoning a bunch of 8th graders. While he was there he text me the following pictures:



The Peace Fountain at St John’s Church





The Angel of Waters Fountain in Central Park



The marquee for Phantom of the Opera in Time Square.



Besides great pictures, these all have a special place in my heart. The first two sculptures are actually in a novel I just shelved – one that I still get misty eyed about. And the last picture – it is the inspiration behind my current WiP.

Who knew? Without any prompting from me, and knowing the depth to which I have been struggling in my writerly life over the past several months, my husband took the time to seek out and photograph things he KNEW would inspire me.

And it worked!

So, how do I recharge? I return to the well of inspiration provided daily by my family.

How about you? How do you renew?

For more fab answers on the chain, check out Laura’s post a few days ago, and Abby’s post tomorrow.

And come back tomorrow for more great advice for kids! Have a great day.



13 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Recharging the battery

  1. Yeah, I think I totally missed the point of this blog chain…I talked about breaking up with the interwebs, LOL! Well, that was important too, I guess.

    Anyway, I LOVE your answer!

    Also, I feel like we’ve lost touch, lady! I miss chatting with you. I hope all is well. 😉

  2. Amazing! I’m an introvert as well. It would be interesting to find out how many writers are introverts and how the intertubes helped them to socialize and re-energize.


    What a kind and thoughtful thing for him to do. And YES family is the best in helping us return to the balance we need in our heart and mind. 🙂

  4. I forget — until I pull away too late — how exhausting the social network online can be. I understand how one could easily become fried.

    BTW, Christine, I had the most awesome experience this morning. Expect an e-mail from me soon. I have to tell you about it.

  5. Okay, that is just the sweetest thing ever! Family is the best! And I’m very intrigued by your inspiration from the Phantom mask. Do we get to hear more about the story? Phantom has a very, very special place in my heart.

  6. Wow, sounds like you have an awesome hubby. That is too cool that he took those pictures for you. Like you, my family helps me recharge all the time. They’re really great for that, aren’t they?

  7. Your husband sounds awesome. =o)

    I recharge by crocheting, reading great books, hanging out with my husband, and talking with my daughter. Crocheting gives me something to do that doesn’t require focus so my mind can wander. Great books inspire me. Like you, my hubs hasn’t read my work, but the great thing about that is I know when I need a total break, he’s the place to go. And the kid knows more about my writing than anyone, so when I do need to talk about it, she’s there. Of course, her and hubs are also there when I just need to get silly – which is always a good thing. =o)

  8. I have a lot of little hobbies to help me recharge, though it seems right now I’m not getting to engage in any of them. Usually I like to cross-stitch or draw and paint in addition to reading, but I suppose at the moment most of my recharging comes by getting ready for the baby–folding tiny clothes and cloth diapers and checking off things from my To Do list. The words will always come once they’re ready.

  9. I love how you mentioned keeping your energy at a level where you can create because, honey, I am so that way. Whenever I’m in a bad mood my husband tries to shoo me out of the house by telling me to go write. While that’s nice he does that, I just can’t write when I’m in a bad/anxious mood. One of these days I’m going to have to learn to work through the emotions – if that’s even possible :p

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