HAPPY THURSDAY everyone! I’m doing something a little different today, and talking about an author instead of a book. I just had to, which you understand in a bit…

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Now, on to my Bookanista Shout out – Going FanGirl over Cassandra Clare.

I first “met” Cassandra Clare at a book signing for the release of City of Glass. She was witty, super smart and amazing with the crowd. My Teen and her friends were instantly in awe – and so was I. My favorite piece of advice she gave to aspiring writers of any age…Read OUT of your comfort genre. YES, YES, YES! I think it is very true, reading out of your genre makes you aware of other literary styles, pacing, storylines, etc.

After the signing, I went home and read all of her books, loving he way she strung words together. Her world building was fab, and she writes in 3rd person – something I don’t see much of these days.

I have seen her at several book signings since then, and have watched how she interacts with her fan base on Twitter and in other ways. She is always gracious, willing to answer a million questions and approachable.

With my current WiP, I reread some of Clare’s works – especially Clockwork Angel. Not because my story is at all similar. It isn’t – not even close. But my new piece is set in a similar time period (though not in the same place) and is in third – sort of (more on that later). So rereading her books was sort of like research to me.

This past Monday, I went to her midnight release party for City of Fallen Angels. She and one of her writerly BFFs, Holly Black, were amazing. Once again, they owned the room. I took a group of adoring Teens with me who had decided to dress up like Shadowhunters, complete with runes painted on their skin. They were so excited. Through their excitement over the books, my inspiration to write was refueled. Through Cassie and Holly’s convos with the crowd, the flame of my desire to write was fanned. And yes, I spent much of the next day writing – despite not nearly enough sleep.

So, my fangirl moment for Cassie has been a long time coming.

The bottom line – Cassandra Clare KNOWS how to craft an intelligent, many-layered story. And I appreciate her for it. Check out her books for yourself. They are wonderful

In honor of my love for Cassie, I am giving away a SIGNED copy of City of Fallen Angels, as well as the special preview of Clockwork Prince and Black Heart (by Holly Black) I got at Monday’s party.

Entering is simply – Just leave a comment, follow my blog in someway and you’re entered. Want additional entries (up to 5)? Just do the following:

Easy, right? Just be sure to let me know what you did in the comments. Contest Ends on Saturday and ‘ll announce the winner on Sunday 4/10.

 Oh! And be sure to stop by tomorrow. I’m going all personal and explaining why this month’s Bookanistas-Give-Back project is so important to me. Want more about our project? Check out Myra McEntire ‘s post about it. 

What are you reading these days?


26 thoughts on “Bookanista Thursday, Wherein I go all FanGirl for Cassandra Clare (and give stuff away)

  1. Oooo! Oooo! Pick me, pick me!! I absolutely LOVE Cassandra Clare – love, love, love. I will sidebar and FB and I already like your author page (cuz I’m your fan) and I will sign up for your newsletter. I will also jump through fiery hoops and anything else you require!! 🙂

  2. No, pick me! Pick me!! I just read the first three in January (to try and help me get through a tough patch) and couldn’t put them down. She is awesome. I SO want to win this, especially since I went to try and buy it the other day and they were all sold out. Grr! I already like your FB page, I think I’m signed up for your newsletter (but if not, let me know) and I will go tweet it right now. 🙂

  3. That’s so awesome you’ve gone to so many of her book signings. I like your FB page already and signed up for the newsletter in case I haven’t before.

  4. I must confess, I’ve never read any of her books but I’ve been to loads of her signings. Doh! I was intrigued this week though seeing everyone so excited about the new book. I think I need to pick up some of the copies on my shelf and actually read them!

  5. I think I did this right. I followed your twitter, retweeting the reminder for the contest, liked your page on facebook, and subscribed to this blog 🙂 Hope I did everything correctly not sure. Thank you for the contest, and I adore Cassandra Clare for the reasons you just mentioned. Can’t wait to read your other entries.

  6. I also love Cassandra Clare! Her books are wonderful. I read all four in a day each. I have not been able to get CoFA yet. I’d love a signed one!

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