Happy Sunday folks!! I wanted to announce the winner of Cassie Clare’s CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS.

Congrats to:


I’ll be sending the signed book and preview chapters to her in the morning.

A couple of other announcements:

  • The Goodreads giveaway for 101 Success Secrets end on Friday. Click here to enter
  • The exclusive FB contest runs from 4/11 through 4/29. Be sure to “like” the page and visit it tomorrow for complete deets. You won’t want to miss this one! The prize pack is filled with books that will appeal to readers, writers, and GT folks.

Have a great day! I start back at work tomorrow, starting the intense haul between now and summer break. Wish me luck – I may need it!!!


3 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Holy cow! I can’t believe it. Usually, the more I want something, the less likely I am to win it – and I really, really wanted to win this time! As you know. LOL. Thank you so much, Christine. I owe you big!! 🙂

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