I am so excited for today! First, an EPIC contest announcement exclusively for my Facebook Author Page Peeps. And it is simple! Just like the page, go to the wall and answer the statement below (just as the authors giving advice on my blog all month have been doing). On April 29 I’ll pick random posters and starting giving away some prizes ranging from book swag, to arcs, to signed copies of my books, and more. You never know what you could win! So, post your advice on my Facebook page and I may just pull YOUR name!

And now, on to another installment for my advice series celebrating the launch of 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids: The Ultimate Guide.

Today’s guest: The fabulously amazing, I-am-so-privledged-to-call-her-friend, Ali Cross 

Ali Cross is a writing ninja. She likes to wear black. She also likes to type madly, alone in her office, while entertaining the voices in her head. Except, she likes to write in the afternoons with the sunlight streaming in. Guess she’s a day-ninja. Or whatever…

Oh! And she is my amazing CP!

Take it away Ali:

The best advice I could offer a child of any age, it would be to always be a trier. Like Petrie in The Land Before Time, sometimes it seems like the thing we want most in life is the hardest to achieve, that maybe we’ll never, ever reach it. But Petrie never stopped trying. He flew, he fell. He flew, he fell. Until one day, he flew . . . and he soared.

You won’t always be a winner when you try something new, but that’s okay. The more you try, the more you you’ll discover what you can’t do and what things you really can do. And oh, how happy you’ll be when you finally fly!

So don’t give up. Keep trying. You never know when you’ll spread your wings just so, the wind will buoy you and you’ll not be just reaching for your dreams, you’ll be living them.

“Be a trier” – love that!

Want to share your own advice for kids? Leave it in the comments or snatch the jpg and do your own post. I’ll be doing giveaways on Fridays throughout the month, giving various book swag prizes. So leave a comment and let me know if you do your own post!

For more great advice for kids, be sure to check out 101 Success Secrets for Kids – featuring advice from me and hundreds of kids about school, friends, family and life. The book features tip sheets, quizzes, and fun crafts all designed to help kids embrace life and live to their potential. Available from Prufrock Press, Amazon and booksellers everywhere.

Come back later this week for more advice from Lisa Rivero, Michelle McLean and many many others! And don’t forget to leave comments all week on the various posts. I’ll choose a random commenter to win a book swag prize pack!


6 thoughts on “A Contest Announcement and Monday Morning Advice from the Writer Ninja Herself, Ali Cross

  1. That is awesome advice! Was it Beth who said to keep trying new things until you find what you love? This goes so well with that. 🙂

  2. Yes! I tell my kids this all the time. I think it’s natural for kids to shy away from unfamiliar things, but they may be passing up an undiscovered talent or their future favorite food by not giving it a shot. Excellent advice, Ali!

  3. Thanks for letting me tackle this question, Christine, and for the wonderful introduction. I’m grateful to call you friend, too!

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