Today we have another installment for my advice series celebrating the launch of 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids: The Ultimate Guide.

Today’s guest: The fabulously amazing author of Moonglass, Jessi Kirby (and yes, all of you HAVE TO READ her book – it is incredible!) 

Jessi Kirby is a former English teacher who lives in Orange County, CA with her family. MOONGLASS is her first novel.

I had the privilege of meeting Jessi last week, and can I just tell you…SHE IS fabulous! Here’s a pic of us at BN. So dang fun hanging out with her, and no doubt we will be hanging out in the future! But for now…

Take it away Jessi:

Success at anything takes hard work.  Just because you’re good at something, or it’s your dream doesn’t make you an automatic success at it. To truly succeed you have to push harder than is comfortable.  Work longer than you want to.  Experience setbacks and decide to keep going.  It’s not something that’s easily won.  It’s something you work at, again and again, because it matters to you.

 Work hard – YES YES YES!

Want to share your own advice for kids? Leave it in the comments or snatch the jpg and do your own post. I’ll be doing giveaways on Fridays throughout the month, giving various book swag prizes. So leave a comment and let me know if you do your own post!

For more great advice for kids, be sure to check out 101 Success Secrets for Kids – featuring advice from me and hundreds of kids about school, friends, family and life. The book features tip sheets, quizzes, and fun crafts all designed to help kids embrace life and live to their potential. Available from Prufrock Press, Amazon and booksellers everywhere.

Don’t you just love all this fabu advice? I know I do!


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