Today I am featuring my blog chain buddy, Michelle Hickman, who answers the question by giving a piece of advice for her daughter:

My advice goes to my 3-month old daughter, Jaquline Ann.

Never allow another person’s ego intimidate you. There will be people out there who have a natural talent at things, who will be able to do things better than you at work, or writing, or getting ahead in life. And this person may be extravagant at letting other people know about their “greatness.” Always remember that we each have something special inside us that we’re particularly good at. Strive to do the best you can in life, and always be humble about it.

 I just love this. And here is a fabulous picture of her daughter…

Too cute!

I really loved this advice – I think so many of us allow the apparent greatness of another cloud our acknowledgement of our own greatness. Nicely spoken Michelle. Your daughter is lucky to have you to guide her!

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Which advice has been your fav so far?


7 thoughts on “Wherein Author Michelle Hickman Shares Some Advice to Her Baby

  1. That is such great advice. I have a huge tendency to be intimidated by others. And what an adorable baby! So so precious!

  2. Excellent advice. There will always be something that you can excel at, and there will always be someone out there who can beat you at something, too. Best to know your gifts, and appreciate them, but stay humble.

    (I’ve never particularly followed my own advice in that regard, but it’s still true.)

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