As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks soul-searching – and yes, you should probably be very afraid! I’ve been looking at the direction of my writing career and bouncing it against my goals and aspirations. And guess what…

It is time to readjust my course a bit.

For the past year I have been all about my nonfiction. Sure, I’ve written some fiction in that time. Queried. Received some fabulous feedback. Worked on my craft. But really, the focus has been all about the nonfiction. As it should be. I mean, I did need to launch two nonfiction niche books. That takes an enormous amount of time and energy.

For a while, I really beat myself up that I wasn’t balancing out the NF with working on my fiction. I know, I know…ridiculous. Trust me, my CPs reminded me of that frequently. Eventually I realized that I was doing exactly what I needed to do. The fiction would wait.

Well, guess what. Fiction time is here.

So I am jumping in full speed ahead. I’ll be revising like crazy. Rewriting HUGE sections of the WiP. And getting my current novel in shape to query.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

Whose with me on this? Anyone else ready to plow full speed ahead?


12 thoughts on “Full Speed Ahead

  1. Good move, Christine.

    It has been a blessing to watch your non-fiction titles inspire those around you, but I look forward to delving into your creative mind and feeling the same writing voice in a new venue. Good luck, dear.

  2. I’m on total fiction overdrive and loving every second of it 🙂 Just finished my final rewrite of my novel, I’ll be done with my last round of read through/edits today and it will be on its way out my door in a couple weeks. Up next is another picture book manuscript and working with my illustrator on our second book (the ms is done). Annnnnd then….time for another novel 😀 I’m debating which of my million projects to finish LOL I have two brand new ideas I’ve been tossing around, 1 partially written book, and one completed book I want to rewrite. Just have to decide which one to work on 😀

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