HAPPY THURSDAY everyone! I love these posts when I get to feature a kid reader for the review. Today, my 10-yr-old daughter Erika is back with her take on IT’S RAINING CUPCAKES by Lisa Schroeder. I will tell you that she read this book cover to cover in about a day, devouring every delicious drop. I’ll let her tell you why.

But before we do that, here’s the fabu list of Bookanista reviews for today: 

 Now, on to Erika’s take on Lisa Schroeder’s IT’S RAINING CUPCAKES. Take it away Erika (and no, I did not edit this at all!)-

Lisa Schroeder did such a sweet job on this book! It is written in a perfect voice for tweens like me, and it’s just so fun. I, personally, would like to start a cupcake shop, and this book inspired me so much that I started inventing flavors and even made up a store name! THANKS IT’S RAINING CUPCAKES!!!

Another selling point for this book is that you can really relate to it. People will be able to relate to the feeling on wanting to do one thing, but feeling obligated to doing something else for your parents because you don’t want to disappoint them. It’s Raining Cupcakes managed to knock another really great title off of my list to the top 5 most amazing awesome books. I just can’t wait for Sprinkles and Secrets.


The sequel, SPRINKLES AND SECRETS, comes out in September and you know who will be dragging me to the bookstore to get it first thing!

What are you reading?


6 thoughts on “It’s Raining Cupcakes…YUM!!!

  1. Funny, my 10-year-old wrote the review at my blog today, too 🙂 Great review Erika! I love Lisa’s Schroeder’s YA verse novels but haven’t read Cupcakes. Definitely going onto my tbr list!

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