Yep, summer is just about here, which means I get to go into my writer’s cave for long, LONG, stretches of time. I’ll revise, edit, write new stuff….all things I have been looking forward to doing for weeks.

My to-do list? Something like this:

  1. Rewrite/revise WiP (goal = finish by mid June, then into the hands of my CPs)
  2. Work on new fiction project (goal = draft it out before heading back to school in August)
  3. Rework proposal for a NF idea (I know, my focus in fiction, but I had a great idea…so…yea…)

Yep – I will be spending a lot of time in the cave this summer. I’ll give you updates as we go along. Let’s hope this works out, yes???

Now, I don’t want you to think that summer is ONLY about writing! It isn’t. Summer break will also be including:

  • movies in the park
  • hanging by the pool
  • library activities
  • impromptu BBQs
  • impromptu trips to surprise friends
  • fabulous writerly lunches
  • hanging out with family
  • catching up on books, gardening, and some household chores

Oh yes, I will be BUSY this summer, but in the BEST possible way, you know? What are your summer goals?


5 thoughts on “Into The Cave…

  1. I have my fingers crossed for your awesome summer in the cave. This is the summer before college for my only, so there’s planning and shopping and angsting for that. College orientation, move in weekend… plus a trip to visit the in-laws.

    And wrapped into everything else, I have to write. I have a feeling I’m going to need the escape of putting something awesome onto the page just to stay sane.

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