Okay, I’ll be honest – I’ve rewritten today’s post about a hundred times. Originally, I had this humourous poem to share. Then I swapped it out for a touching poem/song called Kindergarten Wall in honor of my youngest. Then I had other “stuff” to tell you.

Finally I settled on this – random Friday Musings:

  • I’m over at the A Year of Auditions sharing a story from my past. Hint: There may be old pictures involved. YIKES!!! Let me know what you think!
  • My editor at Prufrock Press alerted me to an AMAZING opportunity for creative kids ages 8 – 16 – A chance to be a part of the Creative Kids magazine team. This magazine is made BY kids FOR kids! Follow the link to see how your kids can become involved. And if you want to more about the magazine itself, click here.
  • I’m guest posting over at Tristi Pinkston’s blog tomorrow. Stop by and say Hi. No scary old pictures on that post….sorry
  • This weekend starts SUMMER VACATION in my neck of the woods. Yes, I may be just a little over-excited about that.

See, rambling musings! Hope you all have an amazing LONG weekend! What are you guys doing?


4 thoughts on “Friday Musings…(including the promised old pics)

  1. Random musings is the best. Yea for summer vacation and half-yea for kids growing up. It’s so bittersweet. Fun to watch them grown into beautiful people and see all their “aha” moments, but there’s just something about them not being little anymore that makes me a little weepy. (Okay, mine are 5 and 3, but still!)

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