Happy Memorial Day everyone! Since this is the unofficial start of summer I thought I’d let you guys in on my summer schedule. As I have said in multiple posts, I have HUGE plans for the summer – writing, playing, living life. So, to help me organize myself when it comes to blogging, and to maintain my social media presence, I have implemented a “schedule” of sorts –

  • Mon – A Writer’s Life – Featuring anything related to our lives as writers. This could include interviews, guest posts, my musings…anything
  • Tues – Fun and Games – Yep, summer is time for some fun; so, this focuses on fun games with each other, fun things to do for inspiration, celebrate each other’s successes and anything else creative I manage to come up with
  • Weds – A Writer’s Craft – These are craft related posts – everything from writing dialogue, to genre, to POV, to writing a synopsis, dealing with the call, etc
  • Thurs – Bookanista Review – My regular Thursday recommended reads
  • Fri – Summer Eats – Yep, that’s right…FOOD. As most of you know, I love to cook. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite summer recipes. And since I am focused on balanced living this summer, you can be sure these are easy on the calories (to some degree) as well.
  • Sat/Sun – GT Musings – I get lots of questions about giftedness, kids, etc. So, this summer I thought I’d share my GT musings on the weekends – at least SOME weekends

And there you have it – a manageable (I hope) schedule. If this works out well, I’ll do something similar for te Fall.

Now, I do have to say that I won’t strictly follow this schedule. I have a few special events up my sleeve as well. So yea…

HAPPY SUMMER everyone!

PS – I am redoing all of my social media sites so excuse the mess as I begin to play with templates, etc…


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