Happy Monday everyone! I’m pretty fried from my marathon revising, marathon cleaning, and marathon puzzle making this weekend. That and the HOURS I spent rebuilding my website. It’s not quite ready to go live, but hopefully by next week.

Perhaps my favorite part of the weekend, however, was strolling into my local Barnes & Noble store and seeing this:

AHHH!!!!! I have to tell you, I was chatting with Elana at the exact time I found her book and I nearly screamed out loud. In fact, I think I scared one potential reader with my excitement (after I made sure she bought a copy of the book!).

It was just so very amazing to see her book on the shelf.  My teen was thrilled too, especially after she saw her name in he acknowledgements (she was one of Elana’s first Teen readers). In fact, she was so thrilled to be included she made Elana a very special present that I will be giving to her tomorrow (EEP!).

See – lots of excitement this weekend!

Oh, and don’t forget – today is day one of the Elana Johnson POSSESSION Launch Festival of Awesome! Today, go to Beth Revis’s site and comment to enter to win a signed copy of POSSESSION and learn the secret time that you need to use the Twitter hashtag #taggedPOSSESSION to win another signed copy of POSSESSION!

Meanwhile, don’t forget: if you spread the word about POSSESSION, you can win one of FIVE signed copies of the book! We’re giving away 17 signed copies of POSSESSION throughout this week’s blog tour–be sure to visit and enter to win! Tomorrow’s giveaway will be hosted at Lisa and Laura Roecker’s blog!
What fabulous musings are you sharing today?

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