I love road trips – hitting the open road, top down, blasting the tunes with nothing but adventure ahead of me. Yeah, I’m sure it’s the California girl in me, but long drives and I are a match made in heaven.

When I was in my late teens, early twenties, I took lots of road trips – whether it was to NYC (from my college in upstate NY) for a weekend of fun, a trip to DC to watch the fireworks, or a trip to Seattle just to see the Sound, I am no stranger to the open road.

Of course, once I married 20-something years ago, my solo trips became duo trips. And when I had my firstborn 14 years ago, kids were also part of the fun.

I’ll admit it, as much as I LOVE taking trips with my family, there is something fabulous about going alone.

So, for the first time in nearly twenty years, I am on the road sans family. WOO HOO!

Now, road trips are NOT complete without a few supplies.

Like Pandora for the tunes.

Great audio-books for those times when tunes aren’t cutting it.

A cooler full of Diet Pepsi (or water, when I am being healthy)

And snacks.

What are you “essentials” for road trips??


7 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP!!!

  1. Have fun on your roadtrip. Gack, it’s been years since I took one. Definitely need the glove compartment chock-full of CDs. Beverages of choice – coffee for the AM and Dew for the PM. And my camera – just in case I see something pretty I want to save forever.

    Stay safe out there on the road.

  2. Having just gotten home from a road trip with the whole fam damily (minus my poor husband), I gotta say the ONE thing you need to have with you is headphones. Wait? You’re going alone? Let the music blare. 😉 iPhone camera, Coke Zero, trail mix, and great tunes.
    Where ya off to?

  3. Good music –Beatles, Eagles, Billy Joel, Showtunes, Weird Al, Ludo, and much, much more!
    Good food — chocolate covered espresso beans, a good trail mix from Trader Joes, beef jerky, lots of water bottles, string cheese or Baby Bel cheese (the red or yellow packs). And of course the willingness to go through a drive-thru when we feel the need for something more “substantial” than snack foods.

    This is if we are bringing any or all of our kids. When we stop for gas, we often end up getting snacks from the gas station as well.

  4. I’ve only done long drives with people, but there is something thrilling about the thought of going it alone. Camera, snacks, and good music. Definitely all you need.

    Have fun!

  5. I love road trips! I took my first one alone this year, too when I went to Wisconsin. It was kind of thrilling. I wish now I’d done them alone sooner. Not because I don’t love taking road trips with my family–I do! But because it really helps you get to know yourself. It’s freeing. Have a great trip, hon. And an amazing journey! Be safe!

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