Okay – so I didn’t get this post up last night. Why, you ask? I was having way to much fun doing this:

  1. LONG drive to Utah – can I tell you it is a GORGEOUS state!
  2. SCREAMING when I first see Elana. She is the nices,t most amazing person and I swear I feel like we’ve known each other IRL fo YEARS
  3. Meeting her hubby – NICEST GUY! I really need to get him and my hubby together – I have a feeling they would have a blast!
  4. Meeting her kids – so dang cute
  5. Dinner with Elana, her hubby and Jaime Harrington. SO FREAKIN’ FUN
  6. Rooming with Jamie in a GORGEOUS room that she scored for us!
  7. Staying up well past midnight chatting with Jamie. She is FABULOUS – funny, crazy smart – I just really enjoyed getting to know her!

What’s up today –

  1. Breakfast bookstore run to buy more copies of POSSESSION and meet Danyelle Leafty
  2. Meet up with Elana to help with launch party festivities
  3. Meet up with Ali Cross
  4. Dinner with MANY fabulous writerly peeps (yeah, nervous about that!)
  5. the LAUNCH PARTY!

This is so much fun!


8 thoughts on “Wow Wednesday – Day 1 of Epic Utah Trip

  1. I’m jealous. =op

    Seriously, though, I hope you have a blast. Utah is a beautiful state and there are so many fun things to do in SLC. Plus, you’re hanging with some awesome company. Enjoy!

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