Happy Saturday everyone! It’s Blog Chain time again, and this time the topic comes from Abby, who asked:

There are SO many writing rules, but sometimes we have to break one or two, just to keep things interesting. Is there a writing rule you’ve
broken on purpose? Why did you choose to break it? And if you want to post a  snippet of your writing as an example, even better!

Ah yes, rules. Perfect. I am a firm believer, as others have said before me, that you must KNOW the  rules first, in order to break them. But, as Abby suggested, after you know the rules and making certain you are breaking the rules for a specific purpose that is authentic to the storyline….GO FOR IT!

Some of my favs to break involve story structure – point of view, etc. I have been known to switch POVs and tense within the story. But always for a specific reason.

In my current project, I am really experimenting with POV and tense. So far, the response it good. I am not posting any of it today because, well….it is still in the “wow, this sucks” stage.

For more rule breaking fun, check out the chain from the beginning and see what everyone had to say. There are some great snippets out there!

What rules do you like to break with writing?



2 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Breaking Rules

  1. I love breaking writing rules. But only certain ones, and only when necessary. Like fragments. Sometimes one word just. Must. Be. It’s. Own. Sentence.

    Was so glad to meet you this week! Congrats to the contest winners.

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