WHEW! What an amazing week, yes? Today is the final day for the Elana Johnson POSSESSION Launch Festival of Awesome! Today, go to Ali Cross’s blog and comment to enter to win a signed copy of POSSESSION and learn the secret time that you need to use the Twitter hashtag #taggedPOSSESSION to win another signed copy of POSSESSION!

Now, about yesterday. Here are the winners from my comment contest and the #taggedPOSSESSION giveaway.

#taggedPOSSESSION giveaway –



And now, for my blog winner:


Meanwhile, don’t forget: if you spread the word about POSSESSION, you can win one of FIVE signed copies of the book! We’re giving away 17 signed copies of POSSESSION throughout this week’s blog tour–be sure to visit and enter to win! Tomorrow, final winners will be announced!

2 thoughts on “Day 6 of the POSSESSION Giveaway of Awesome and WINNERS!!!

  1. How much fun. I love these launch parties. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm from the writer/reader community and so many people reaching out to help new authors. You guys go!

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