Time for a final wrap up of the EPIC Elana Johnson POSSESSION Launch Festival of Awesome. First up, announcing the five winners of the Spread the Word portion of the epicness:

  1. Kira B
  2. Laura P
  3. Perla M
  4. Minhchieu T
  5. Donnas

Congrats to all the winners, including those that won a signed book on the blogs and on Twitter.

I want to take this moment to also thank Ali Cross, Beth Revis, Lisa and Laura Roecker, Jamie Harrington, and Shannon Messenger for all of the behind the scenes work putting this little tour together. I know that Elana Johnson means a great deal to all of us, and we hope that this little launch party shows at least a fraction of our love and support of her and her books.

Now, for those of you who missed out on any of the fun, be sure to check out InsidetheResistance.com for all the resistance videos, as well as fun fan art and other things. More importantly, check out everything for the Virtual Launch Party on 6/16. There will be forums, giveaways and a live chat with Elana herself. This is BEYOND EPIC and NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

I’ll be back to my regular posts tomorrow. Hope to see you then.

And, out of curiosity…..

Team Jag, or Team Zenn???


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