We all have it, that mental chatter that fills our minds and clutters our thoughts. It gets worse and louder as time goes on, becoming its own entity.

For me, the noise of everyday life and common stressors inhibits the creative process. It morphs into negative tapes of self-doubt that can crush the most confident of endeavors.


But, there is nothing like a 22-hour solo road trip to quiet all of that noise and regain perspective. I took my road trip last week for many reasons. But mostly, I knew I needed to spend some quality time with me.

Without the kids.

Without my hubby.

Without the common distractions that prevent us from clearing out the noise periodically.

It was a great trip. Not only have a regained my focus on some writerly goals, but the noise is significantly quieted. Oh sure, the negative self-talk makes an appearance from time to time, but it is not so self-consuming anymore.

During the trip a few songs repeated on my XM and Pandora stations. This one, Jason Mraz’s Details in the Fabric, felt particularly cathartic on the trip, serving as a reminder that the angst I often feel, the angst I think most of us feel from time to time, is nothing more than noise clogging our creative filters.

In the words of Mr Mraz:

All the details in the fabric,

Are the thoughts that make you panic

Are your thoughts results of static cling.

There is just something about those lyrics I love.

So, as I leave you with a little Mraz singing this song, I have a question for you? How is the noise in your head? Does is need to be cleared out?


5 thoughts on “Oh the noise, the noise, the noise, noise, noise, noise…

  1. The noise in my head comes from the CD player 😉
    But i’m polluted, deafened by screams of angst, despair and anger…a lot of anger…coming from my own past threatening my own future.
    Negative experiences in childhood weaken the building Self-esteem leading to angst and self-depreciation. Just my thought.

  2. I spent an emotional weekend mostly in tears (for NO reason), so I think I need to clear my head of the noise too 🙂 I don’t have any road trips planned, but I think an evening with the writing friends (who I haven’t seen in over a month now!) should do the trick 🙂

  3. Definitely agree with you here about the importance of taking breaks for ourselves. You could not have chosen a better song or singer for reminding us of that. I LOVE Jason Mraz, and I adore this song!

  4. OY, the noise in my head! Don’t.Get.Me.Started. It’s loud and it’s obnoxious and it’s demanding and I am really not a fan. But. When I can open the windows to my mind and air it all out? Bliss. Suddenly things are so much better and I can think more clearly. I need to open those windows more often, no?

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